This was probably the hardest list that I had to put together for Top 10. We’re well into 2020, so I had to go back and do some digging. You’ll definitely see some crossovers from my previous lists, but that’s how my top 10 is going. With these being my top favorite couples from last year, these were definitely some of my favorite reads as well.


brando & scarlett fausti

Annie writes some of my most favorite characters in existence and she really brought it with her mafia romance. Brando and Scarlett are absolutely EVERYTHING and ughhhhhhh, love them so much.

Annie just released a new mafia series under a pen name, Bella Di Corte, soon this series will be under her pen name as well.


thea & connal

#RSFAVE & BOOK REVIEW | WAR OF HEARTS BY S. YOUNGI just love badass characters even better when it’s the hero and heroine. Definitely makes for a dyanmic duo. Samantha wrote a memorable story with these two.


ada & loch

I know I wasn’t the only one raving about this book when it came out. A true gem that you should experience for yourself. You


jamie & wes

Yes, you’re seeing that. I read or rather binged this duet last year and it was EVERYTHING. After seeing so many people raving about it, I hopped on and went on the best ride of my life. From best friends to lovers, it was an absolute journey and a beautiful one, might I add.


luna & knight

I know L.J. isn’t for everyone, but she really does write some of the most memorable characters. Luna and Knight were pretty much destructive to one another, but I loved the journey these two had to go one. And the character development was everything especially with Luna. Definitely wish I could read their story again for the first time.


nora & tacker

#RSFave & Review | Tacker by Sawyer Bennett

If you’ve been a fan of this series, everyone was anticipating Tacker’s story. It was absolutely heartbreaking and tragic, what he went through, so I needed his HEA. And that’s where Nora came in. The one that filled the void in his life. Such a beautiful love story these two have.


hannah & garrett

I was a little late to jump on the Elle Kennedy train, plus I don’t read new adult as much as I used to. But I can’t recommend this book and series, enough. Gahhhh, Hannah and Garrett, loved seeing so many stages of their friendship/relationship. It was funny, endearing and rather emotional. I need to visit these two again.


olivia & lucas

If you’re looking for an older couple romance, look no further than this one. The Badd Brothers series is a long one and we get to know Lucas Badd pretty well and it’s not all good. He’s going to need a life makeover to repair the relationship with his sons. And Olivia was a huge part of his change for the better. She pushed him to be a better person, the person that she saw in him.


savannah & liam


Sighhhhhhhhh, Liam and Savannah! Brother’s Best Friend and Friends to Lovers, loved it so damn much. Oh and a slow burn. The push and pull will drive you nuts, and these two did not disappoint.

evangeline & sebastian

42488359. sy475

This was my first read by Charleigh and these two characters is what pulled me instantly. Charleigh writes angst so damn well. Evangeline and Sebastian have such an explosive chemistry, and an undeniable connection. Totally going to read this again, soon.

claire & billy


I had to add this one after this posted, I made a mental note to add these two. Claire and Billy probably rank as my top favorite couple of 2019. And that’s all thanks to Beard With Me! I know a few of my bookish friends chose not read this because their story is so damn heartbreaking. I was soooo devastated when I read their origin story, but I’ve been longing to know about them from the very beginning. These two have been through it all and wow, what a journey it was to get to their happily ever after!

And there you have it! Just a couple mores posts to get through and that will complete my Top 10 of 2019. It’s been so much fun revisiting some of my favorite books and characters. I’ll need to binge some re-reads.


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