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May 14, 2020 | top 10 of 2019 / 0 Comments


This list was a lot harder to make for some reason especially since my list exceeds 10 people. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one having this problem when it came to choosing their favorite characters from their reads.

SO, here we go!

thea quinn – war of heart


If you love paranormal romance and Samantha Young, she knocked this shifter romance out of the entire universe. Thea was such an intriguing heroine, plus I love a heroine that’s strong all around and can take of herself.

conall maclennan – war of heart


You’re probably like what, she can’t do that … oh, but I did. It definitely won’t be the last you see of these two in my Top 10 posts 😉 Conall … devoted to his family and will do absolutely anything for them. I loved his open-mind especially when it came to Thea. Ugh, and the accent … LOVEEEEEE.

ada von hasenberg

I’ll just be frank, I love a badass heroine and Ada is exactly that! I had an instant connection with Ada and it’s an instalove when a character can do that for me.

Jess shepherd – bad influence

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a hero that’s a little rough around the edges. Honestly, if Charleigh writes them, I’ll probably love them instantly. Jess has his flaws, oozes arrogance, but has that sexy thing going for him. But as the story unfolds, you get to see the depth of his character and just made him more real.

lennix hunter

BOOK REVIEW | THE KING MAKER BY KENNEDY RYANLennix definitely holds the most captivating character of the year. Proud of her Native American heritage and always ready to fight for the injustices against her people. She fights hard for everything and she’s someone you’d always want on your side. Kennedy Ryan gives us very real heroines that many can relate to, so Lennix easily won me over.

devlin de vincent

Have you met the de Vincent brothers yet?! Well you should especially Devlin. He intrigued me the most because there was soooo much we didn’t know about it. And like I say with most series, you save the best for last. And that he was! Out of the three of them, he surprised me the most and that’s why he’s on this list!


How about a witch/vampire read?! 😀 Callie is another badass heroine that I loved. One of my favorite things about her is her confidence. Plus, she can hold her own, don’t even try to come after her.

trinity marrow

Gahhhh, I’m a fan of this author, series, book … the  characters. You’ll probably get sick of me since JLA is making all my list of favorites in the reading world. Trinity came off older than her age. I loved her fiesty attitude, it reminds me a lot of JLA’s other heroies she’s written about. She won’t stand down from a fight, but her fierce loyalty is EVERYTHING.

ky Danners

Book Review | Don't Say a Word by Amber Lynn NatuschOK, this might be cheating since Ky made my list for favorite characters last year. But since this is a series, she’s forever character developing. She’s such a strong-headed heroine that will never back down. She’s hungry for the truth and will do anything in her power to get to it. In the first book, she was always quick to fly off the handle, but she held off in this one. Absolutely can’t wait to read more from this YA suspense series.

Whooo, that was a lot of fun putting this list together, extremely tough to narrow it down to 10 though.

Which characters captivated you from 2019?