DEC. 25: Books I Wish I’d Made Time to Read in 2021

Since I’m a huge mood reader, the neverending list of books that I wanted to get to was, well … neverending. 2021 was the year to dive back into series that I haven’t finished and I really just wanted to not have to stick to a deadline. As much as I love ARCs, I cut back a bit more on requesting (not significantly, but enough to know the difference), just so I can take my time and focus on books that I actually wanted to get to.

Listing 10 books definitely wasn’t enough, but here’s the books that are going higher up on my 2022 TBR:

Keep Me Close by R.M. Virtues

This is book 2 in the Gods of Hunger series and I really enjoyed the first book, Drag Me Up. Keep Me Close is the story of Aphrodite and Hephaestus with the bodyguard trope, which I quite enjoy. The Hades and Persephone retelling has definitely been overdone this year, but I’m eager to get to the many other mythological characters.


King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair

I wanted to give this author another try and I love vampire romances, so this was instantly added to my list. So, I’m definitely hoping to dive into this one much sooner than later. From some of the reviews, looks like it’s a enemies to lovers with an arranged marriage, sounds peachy to me!


Ember of Light of Molly E. Lee

Starting new series weren’t exactly high on my list this year, so this one got pushed way down. There was a ton of impatience when it cames to series evolving around the same MCs. So, sadly I didn’t quite get into this one even though I kept thinking about it. The second book is already out, so I think I’ll push this up in my TBR.

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Jade Fire Gold by June C.L. Tan

Okay, I kept seeing Avatar: The Last Airbender references when it came to this book, so it was an auto-buy. I did actually start this book this year, but it was going a little slow and my mood wasn’t there. I put aside for now, but definitely want to dive back in, soon. Plus the cover is so damn stunning, I love it so much!

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Love Always, Wild by A.M. Johnson

It has been sooooo long since I’ve read a book by A.M. Johnson and they’re an author I absolutely enjoy. This one was gifted by a fellow bookish friends and it was one of their favorites for the year. It’s an MM romance with the second chance trope (my favorite!) and I’m a sucker for an emotional read. It sounds soooo good and many I know have been raving <3 it!

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The Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

Historical romance is not my jam, but I try to read more of them every year. I have both the audiobook and ebook for this one, I just need to start it. However, it seems to be a bit of a slow burn, which has not been my go-to this year. My patience has been veryyyyy thin this year, so I tried to avoid any slow burns if possible.

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The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

The Green Creek series was my intro to Klune’s book and it was an insta-love, I’ve been wanting to get to the backlist of their books. This one has been highly recommended and I promise I will read this. I know this book usually gets recommended first, but if you love paranormal romance, please check out Klune’s Green Creek series.

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Nation of the Sun by H.R. Moore

I definitely picked up a lot of fantasy books this year and Nation of the Sun was one that I didn’t get to. I believe this is a series that’s not yet complete, but the MCs are soulmates that have been reincarnated. I absolutely love the sound of that. Not sure how many books will be in this series, but I think I’ll wait until a couple more release before starting.

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The Heir by Sophie Lark

This one is super popular across social and has been recommended to me by several bookish friends. It’s high on my TBR and I actually might get to it before the year is up. I quite enjoy mafia romances, but am quite picky about them. This is a second-generation series, so I might start the other series first. I can’t wait!

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All the Feels by Olivia Dade

I tried this author last year, but I don’t think I ever finished the book, Spoiler Alert. Sooooo many have absolutely loved this one and I’m intrigued. It’s been sitting on my kindle and I get a little hesitant about books that are said to be “rom-coms”. We’ll see how this one turns out to be.

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And there we have it, let me know if you’ve read any and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I wasn’t able to get to King of Battle and Blood this year either. Hopefully we can both read it soon and enjoy it!

    1. So, I’ve had it on my kindle for over a couple of weeks, but my mood has not taken me there…

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