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And here’s my first Sunday post of 2021. I really wanted to get this post through since I’m running out of time before baby 2 arrives. We’re getting down to the wire with only a few more weeks left. And I’m quickly losing steam with exhaustion and just all the last minute things to prep before our little one arrives.

Even with all the chaos, I’ve been a reading machine! I’ve read almost 20 books so far and that will probably drastically change next month. It’s been such a great start to the year, not a whole of top faves, but I’ve been working towards my goals and I’m rather happy about it.

Non-Reading Update

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Digital Journaling

It has quickly becoming my new hobby and I’m just in love with it sooo much. Last year I started a reading journal and was doing great at keeping up with it and then everything went to chaos, and I just lost the mental space to keep up with it.

This year, I wanted to give digital journaling a try. I loved the fact that I’d be going paper-free and just not having all these supplies that would probably never be used. Thankfully I have a friend that I’ll be sending most of journaling good to, which will clear up a lot of space in my craft room.

I’ve been getting some amazing feedback about my new venture and lots of question. I’m so new this, but I’m eager to learn new tips and tricks, and soak up all the journaling inspiration possible.

I’m hoping to get a blog post up soon about everything I used and allllll of that good stuff.

Home Decor

Now that the mister is home from deployment, we’ve been trying to decorate the house a bit more … a year too late and a third of stay in Flordia, done. But better late than never.

He’s been working on the landscaping especially with the weather being cooler. He has a million projects, as do I, but we’ll definitely have to be realistic since the remainder of time here will go quickly.

Being a mom of 2

My due date is February 17 and we’re excited, yet a little anxious to see what the transition of being parents of 2 will be like. I’m more nervous about when the mister has to go back to work and I’ll be running the show solo. It’ll be quite the experience, but hopefully we’ll adapt to some semblance of a routine.

Reading Challenges & Goals

Since the begininning of the new year, I’ve been reading a lot of paranormal and fantasy romance. Now I’m trying to save up some fantasy romance for next months, Fantasy Romance Readathon. I’m still working on my TBR, but I already have a good start of what I want to read. Check out the site for details and the two bingo cards they have set-up for this reading challenge.

Black Author Readathon

I’ve been seeing another challenge circulating on Instagram that I want to take part of, committing to reading challenges can be a little daunting because I always don’t see them through. But it’s such a great challenge and to get through some author’s books that have been sitting on my TBR.


Brandi from Brandie Janee’s Bookshelf…

Monique from Monique’s Booklist…

Brandie from Books with Brandie Shanae…

Tara from Reading with Tara…


Kalie from Kalie’s Bookshelf…

LaToya from Reading by the Bayou…

Marshay from Mommy Whatch U Reading…

Bree from Falling for Romance…

Zae from Whitty Reads

Goodreads Reading Challenge

This will be a constant, I’ve participated every year since 2014? and I’ve set mine to 170. It’s the same as last year and I’m sure I’ll exceed it. Last year I read a little over 200 books, which is a huge plus after the year we’ve all had.

Netgalley TBR

I’m hoping to take on less ARCs this year especially from Netgalley and just reading from my NG TBR. I set the bar high this year in trying to get my feedback ratio to 80%. I’m aiming to read 5 Netgalley reads every month. With about 94 unread books, this will definitely make a huge dent!

Year of SMUT 2021

This looked like an easy enough challenge and I’ve been making a lot of progress on it. It’s being hosted by Rate the Romance. There’s a lot of prompts and plenty of chances to read through what you have and find new to you authors.

Historical Romance Reading Challenge

This one I made up on my own, I’m planning to read 1 historical romance book per month. HR is not my favorite genre to read from, but I wanted to try. I asked for book suggestions through my Instagram stories and came up with a solid TBR.

Hyped Books/Series

I took part in the #MAASTASTICREADATHON and there was a timeline for it, but I blew through that series. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times that ACOTAR was recommend to me, so I bought all the books and gave it try. It wasn’t quite what I expected it to be, but I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Now I’m motivated to make a list of hyped books/series and read them throughout the year.

This sure looks like a lot, but many cross over into other challenges, which is how I wanted it to be 😉 Work smarter, not harder.

Books I’ve Read So Far

I have 20 books under my belt for this month so far, books I already own/grabbed from the library/from Kindle Unlimited, and a few ARCs here there. Because I don’t think I could completely say good-bye to those 100%.

I’ve recently started a mafia romance that’s been recommend all over the place, I’m just a couple chapters in and I’m rather intrigued. It’s a forbidden romance as well and it seems to gearing up to be a little angsty.

I hope everyone had a great start to their new year!

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