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    Series Review | The Inferno Series by T.K. Leigh

    The Inferno Series
    Author: T.K. Leigh
    Genre: Romantic Suspense

    About The Inferno Series

    From a USA Today bestseller comes a thrilling new saga of passion, power, and betrayal.

    I never believed in fate.

    That was something for the dreamers, not someone as practical and pragmatic as I.

    Fate had nothing to do with me walking in on my soon-to-be husband in a compromising position with his secretary.

    Fate had nothing to do with me hopping on a plane to Rome just hours before I was supposed to be married.

    And fate certainly had nothing to do with the handsome stranger sitting across the aisle from me, one who would open my mind and heart to things I never thought possible.

    Because if fate is real, she’s cruel and unforgiving.

    He could never be mine.
    I could never be his.
    And his deception may just be my breaking point.

    Release Date: January 4, 2018

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    99c for a limited time

    Free in Kindle Unlimited

    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU

    Review of Part 1

    When a novella series packs a punch! You know, I give authors major prop when they write novellas, I’m usually not a fan of them because they’re just too short. They have to tackle an awesome storyline and character development in a certain amount of words. And T.K Leigh did a fantastic job with this. Of course, it’s a bit of insta love, but you’ll be hanging on to every word that she writes. I binge read this entire series and I was completely hooked.

    I can’t even fathom what it’s like to be in Ellie’s shoes where her entire life was carefully made out for her. She was completely stripped of her freedom, after ditching her wedding (for good reason), she was off to Rome to clear her head. And running into each other was possibly something of fate as Dante would like to call it, but Ellie isn’t quite the believer of fate. As Ellie sheds everything she has ever known, she takes a chance and has a whirlwind romance with the beautiful Italian man during her short trip to Rome.

    The passion between these two is unbelievable, definitely an insta love, but what do you expect from a novella. And their story was just so easy to get drawn into, it’s just constantly building, adding more and more to Dante and Ellie. Be prepared to be swept away by this one everyone! It ends with a pretty big cliffhanger, but thankfully I had the entire series to binge on.

    A series that’ll keep you on the end of your toes and wanting more!


    Release Date: February 1, 2018

    About Part 2

    A stolen glance across a darkened restaurant. A kiss under the Italian moon. A proposition I never would have made in my former life. Our story began just like all fairy tales do…once upon a time.

    Once upon a time, a mysterious, passionate man opened my eyes to things I’d been blind to, my heart to feelings I never thought imaginable, my mind to endless possibilities.

    Once upon a time, I experienced something I didn’t think existed in real life.

    Once upon a time, I learned how to fly.

    Little did I know it was with broken wings. Ones that were irreparable after a lifetime of being caged.

    How can I love a man who would lie to me so recklessly?
    How can I give him my heart when experience tells me to keep it guarded?
    How can we have a future when he’s still tormented by his past?

    The Bible teaches us that “Love is patient. Love is kind.”

    Now I know that love is a farce, a sham, the two of us merely players in its cruel pantomime. For ours isn’t a love story with a happy ending. Ours is a tragic love. The kind of love that leaves a permanent scar on your heart. The kind of love you never get over.

    The kind of love that defies all logic.

    Inferno: Part 2 is the second installment in T.K. Leigh’s spellbinding Inferno Series. Recommended for mature readers due to strong language and explicit sexual situations.

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    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU

    Free in Kindle Unlimited

    Review Part 2

    Well after that huge cliffhanger ending in Part 1, I was dying to see what would happen with the next installment of the Inferno series. And the story just keeps getting better and better.

    Despite Dante and Ellie’s deep connection, she’s constantly at war over her newfound relationship with Dante and how everything escalated so quickly. And just add in the fact that Dante lied to her, it’s nearly an endgame for her because it’s not what she needs. Even though it feels right for her and with Dante constantly doting on her, she’s still fighting it because it’s something she has never known. To have this sort of connection, to have a man completely worship her like every woman should. Their feelings are undeniable, but so much is keeping Ellie back from completely diving into what could possibly be an amazing thing.

    I will say that Ellie frustrated me the most with this one and I just found her so conflicting. I didn’t like that fact that she would pin things on Dante, when they were both consensual from the beginning of their relationship. And it irritated me a bit when she got so defensive about him claiming he was using her when she was using him as well. I’m not saying Dante is a saint because lies are no way to start any sort of relationship. Emotions are definitely high in Part 2 and the suspense is becoming more, it kept me guessing the entire time.

    Onwards to Part 3!


    Release Date: March 1, 2018

    About Part 3

    My life has always been a series of carefully constructed roads. Always the passenger, never the driver. Always the puppet, never the master. Always the pawn, never the queen.

    Except with Dante. He makes me feel like a princess, a goddess, a queen… His queen.

    Only with Dante does everything make sense.
    Only with Dante do I know who I am.
    Only with Dante do I believe in hope, in faith, in love.

    We met in the clouds. We bared our souls in the clouds. We fell in love in the clouds. But is our love deep enough to survive the return to earth?

    Is our faith true enough to weather even the most violent of storms?

    Is our hope strong enough to outshine the darkest of days and bleakest of nights?

    Dante made me believe in the power of fate. I need to trust that fate won’t steer me wrong now. After everything I’ve been through, after everything I’ve experienced, after everything I’ve endured, one thing remains certain…

    Fate can be as arbitrary as the flip of a coin.

    Purchase Links

    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU

    Free in Kindle Unlimited

    Review of Part 3

    The fast-paced story continues and it’s scorching!

    Ellie definitely gets on her two feet in this part, but of course, she continued to tick me off a bit. With still not quite grasping how fate works, I’d say she listened to the wrong thing, when she should have been following her heart the entire time. She had fate all wrong, the girl just needed to let things happen. I found it a bit annoying when she would constantly hope for things when it wouldn’t happen, but it was all her doing…come onnnnn!

    Besides Ellie and Dante’s fiery love affair, there’s another element to their story that needs to be solved. There’s so much suspense and mystery around it, and the QUESTIONS! I have so many questions, which I’m sure will be answered at the conclusion of the Inferno Series.

    Definitely loved the ending to this one, after everything, it’s just what I needed! There isn’t a cliffhanger in this one, but there’s definitely something coming towards them and none of it is good.

    Release Date: April 5, 2018

    Purchase Links

    AMAZON US / UK / CA / A

    Free in Kindle Unlimited

    About Part 4

    He found me in the dark when I thought all hope was lost.
    He swore he loved me when I didn’t think anyone ever would.
    He vowed to keep the shadows haunting me at bay when I felt like I was drowning in my past.

    But in doing so, he also kept the truth from me.

    It shouldn’t surprise me. After all, our relationship was built on a foundation of lies, the walls constructed of secrets, the roof a thin veil of deceit.

    But as I start to peel away layer after layer of this wasps nest I find myself entangled in, I’m faced with the truth…our truth.

    A truth even the strongest love can’t protect us from.
    A truth that’s been staring at me for years, but I’ve simply been too blind to see it.
    A truth that’s about to destroy everything.

    A storm is coming…

    Review of Part 4

    Well if I had to choose a favorite in the series it would definitely be the finale!

    This one had all the plot twists that will literally keep you on the edge of your seat! All your questions will be answered and probably a bunch of expletives will be said because holy sh*t all that really happened! The lies, betrayal, such scandal; this finale has everything covered!

    I’d say that the finale completely surprised me, you get a hunch about something huge about to go down, but you’ll never know the who and the what until close to the end. I never saw THAT coming people. Dante is forever man, and he loves Ellie with everything he has. Of course, there were still those moments where Ellie would second guess everything … that crazy woman! Dante would do ANYTHING for her and it took her so long to finally realize that.

    T.K. Leigh did a phenomenal job completely captivating me with this story and it was such a refreshing read with all the mystery and suspense!



    Meet the Author

    T.K. Leigh, otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is the
    USA Today Bestselling author of the Beautiful Mess series, in addition to
    several other works. Originally from New England, she now resides in sunny
    Southern California with her husband, beautiful daughter, and three cats. When
    she’s not planted in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found
    training for her next marathon (of which she has run over twenty fulls and far
    too many halfs to recall) or chasing her daughter around the house.
    T.K. Leigh is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel, Goderich
    & Bourret Literary Management. All publishing inquiries, including audio,
    foreign, and film rights, should be directed to her.

    Author Links

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