And just like that, November has come and gone. I’m still baffled by how quickly this year has gone despite everything that has happened … still happening.

November reading went ok, no major complaints. Started the month off with #PNRReadathon and it had an extremely rough start. Usually novellas pull through, but the first few that I read did not go well at all. But the readathon ended well and it brought to my favorite series of 2020!

The one thing I can say about my November reading is that it has given soooo many books to re-read. I devoured T.J. Klune’s Green Creek series and I can’t even tell you the amount of times that I went back to re-read some of my favorite parts. And the amount of tears that I shed during this series. I love it immensely.

And then towards the end of the month, I couldn’t stop re-reading Little Lies by H. Hunting. So yeah, definitely won’t be getting tired of those.

Netgalley Update

As you can tell, it did not go well at all for Netgalley. I pretty much neglected reading any from my TBR. And with December being the last month to reach my goal of 60%. I’m already reading 2 from my Netgalley so far, so that’s a big plus.

I tried not to take on too many new ARCs for December solely so I could focus on reaching my goal.

Wish me luck.

2020 Reading Challenge

I’ve completed and definitely still reading. I still need to add more books since they didn’t update properly.

2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Romance Schmomance (Malia) has completed her goal of reading 170 books in 2020!

I think that’s my wrap-up for November.

Hope you had a great month of reading and may your December be filled with all the 5-star reads!

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  1. Happy December! Finally, it’s almost over. Good luck on your readathon! I have three NG reviews I need to write but who has the time lol

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