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OK … I don’t know what I was expecting with Stevie’s story, but I was just as obliterated like when I read Jaymerson and Hunter’s story. I kind of went into this was no sight of what was to come. To be honest, I needed a little refresher of who Stevie was, but Stacey definitely does a great job summing that up as you’re reading.

What a read this turned out to be, so heartbreaking and just painful. But there’s also hope, love and second chances. Stacey will give you a run for your money with her contemporary reads. It was her PNR series that had me falling in love with her work, but her ability to write solid contemporaries is what truly sealed the deal.

I don’t even know where to start off with Stevie and Chris’s story. There’s definitely sooooo much history between them, truths that were never said and just hope for a second chance. It won’t be easy for them to get there because they have plenty they need to work through and my goodness, it’ll pull on your heart and just make you cry like a baby.

But before they can get their happy ever after, they have their own personal demons to work through. What Stevie endured is something I can’t even imagine, it’s heavy, unjust and it’ll bring  you right to the front of her reality that she’s been facing since that day. You’ll see the growth in her character and she begins to build the strength to get past that horrible day.

Chris is a broken hero with so much uncertainty of his future. He’s definitely taking every day one at a time and quickly losing himself and soon to lose those that love him the most if he doesn’t start changing his ways. The only person that seems to get through to him is Stevie even if it is the fact that she has to constantly force herself into his space.

These two are explosive together, there’s no denying the strong chemistry that flows between them, but the fear of something more permanent and everlasting terrifies them. It’s not something that they know nor understand.

Witnessing them both get over so many personal hurdles was just absolutely liberating. And it was something that I was craving for because I wanted them to get their happy ever after with no bars between them.

Stacey weaved a powerful and emotional love story that I’ll never forget. You’ll get more than you bargained for, but it’s worth it. Such a great read, exactly what I expected and more from Stacey.

Major thank you to Stacey Marie Brown and Next Step PR for the reader’s copy!


[rating stars=”four-half-stars”]

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