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“Claire Contreras delivers ALL the feels in this charming, witty and sexy enemies-to-lovers romance, and it will own your heart from cover to cover.” – Mary, Frolic Media

The Consequence of Falling, a contemporary romance by New York Times Bestselling Author Claire Contreras is Live!


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Oh my! My love for this book is infinite and one that I quickly devoured in one sitting, which obviously means that it made my #RSFave list for 2019. The Consequence of Falling is a solid enemies-to-lovers romance that many can enjoy.

I was a little bit worried about how young they were when the story started, but as you read their story, it was a bit essential so you can see everything that’s happening with the both of them as the years go by. And I will say that I truly felt bad for Presley. She was a child seeking attention and love from her father. I know many will say how much of a bratty princess she was, but give the girl a break. It was clear as day when it really did seem, that her father gave all his attention to Nathaniel. And that definitely draws this line between them, but no matter how much time passes between them, they’re always popping into each other lives. And the chemistry has always been simmering between them.

I truly loved these two together, they had soooooo much to learn about one another. And the banter is the absolute best between both of them. They also had a lot of growth throughout the story, Presley most of all. She really came into herself by the end, but my goodness, I shed some tears over her story. And it made me appreciate her so much more.

Loved Presley’s personal story as well as her and Nathaniel’s story, The Consequence of Falling is definitely a book that I can re-read over and over again!

[rating stars=”four-stars”]


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