#RSFave & Review | The Beautiful Years Part III by Annie Rose Welch

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#RSFave & Review | The Beautiful Years Part III by Annie Rose WelchThe Beautiful Years III by Annie Rose Welch
Series | The Beautiful Years #3
Release Date | February 7th, 2019
Genres | Contemporary, Mafia Romance
Format | ARC
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There was one secret that I kept from my wife.

The Fausti famiglia was one of the most infamous and powerful crime families in the world. Their rule spanned the thickness of history books.

And I was one of them.

I was the estranged son of the most ruthless man in the monarchy, Lucious Leone Fausti. Only a murderous technicality kept me out of his reach, but there was never any doubt that I belonged to him. I saw his reflection in every mirror. The darkness that lived in his eyes lived in mine.

My dangerous lineage had been hidden until my wife, Scarlett, the curious farfalle that she was, started fluttering around the sleeping giant. She awakened the monsters of my past, and they would stop at nothing to claim what they felt belonged to them.

Using my wife as a pawn in their game to lure me in? Wasn’t going to happen. They underestimated this monster they had created. I’d sacrifice it all to keep the woman I called mine safe—even if it meant my life.

La mia parola è buona quanto il mio sangue. My word is as good as my blood.

Book III in a seven-part Mafia Romance saga.



La mia parola è buona quanto il mio sangue. My word is as good as my blood”.

At last, we’re on Book 3 of 7 and when I finish every book, I’m just dying for the next one. Little by little we’re getting into the mafia part of this saga and my goodness, I’m on edge every time they come around. I have so many questions and just eager to know more about everyone in this dangerous and dominating Fausti famiglia. This is the series that just keeps on giving! With every book that comes out I keep falling in love with Brando and Scarlett. Their love for one another is just something so deep and profound, it’s nearly unbreakable. Ahhhhh, I can’t get enough of this series!

Part III and they’re both tackling something new and different, marriage and being apart while Brando continues his dangerous job of being an off-shore diver a couple of weeks at a time. I’ve noticed with each book, we get to hear from Brando so much more and I simply can’t get enough of it. I love seeing inside his mind because it simply shows so much of him and just how deep his love goes for Scarlett. There’s so much vulnerability there that sits alongside his alpha tendencies. And how deep that fear goes of losing her especially since there’s no knowing of what could happen when the truth is revealed to her about his (their) family name.

Since the beginning, I feel like I’ve just been waiting for this book. I wanted to get to the mafia part of the story and while we get an indulgence of it, I’m still begging for more. I was literally on the edge of my seat just wondering what would happen once more of the truth is revealed behind Brando’s family. And remember that Scarlett didn’t know the truth for a while, so a little bomb is ticking between these two. But I tell ya, I have soooo much adoration for Scarlett because of how easily she can handle things on the fly. And she’s quick to do ANYTHING when it comes to the #1 person in her life, Brando, no questions asked.

There seems to always be some sort of threat when it comes to these two and it’s rather suspenseful because you’re constantly waiting for who will try to do what. But it’s all intriguing at the same time because it does something to Brando, it’s bringing out his true nature and I want to see it all. And I have a feeling we will.

“I know everything there is to know about you, Fausti. When you’re down, I’m right beside you. I’ve told you before, my place is next to you. Even when I’m not physically there.”

Their relationship was constantly tested and we were all just sitting here wondering how they’d weather through the storm. There were times where I just felt this immense sadness and betrayal because in my mind I kept saying she would never do that or he would never do that! Seeds of doubt are definitely planted and it just messes with your mind a bit because uhhhhh, how dare anyone mess with their relationship, Annie?! tee-hee!

Brando and Scarlett are a force to reckoned with and they’re nearly untouchable. There’s no other couple that can outmatch them, and you’ll see that more and more with every page you devour in this saga. And my goodness, there’s something so erotic about these two when they’re together and apart. But I love it, it’s so damn sexy!

“You’re the only reason I break the surface”.

Annie, I keep telling you time and time again, you’re an absolutely phenomenal writer and I can’t get enough of your words. I’m always sucked in from the very beginning until the end, and I’m just impatient to get my hands on the next part of this series!

This saga is turning out to be some of Annie’s best work and my favorite of hers!


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About Annie Rose Welch

Born and raised in New Orleans, Annie has a habit of shortening her words and telling long stories. She speaks with a southern flair and cooks with it too. At the tender age of twenty- one, she hitched up her wagons (took her first plane ride) and moved out west to the big shake (California). Her passion for writing began one sleepless night when she imagined a gorgeous woman and a man with maniacal hair floating above her like lightning bugs falling from the sky. Curious about them, their story, and why they were floating around in her head, she sat down and penned (typed) her first novel, Marigny Street. A dream come true for her, she hasn’t stopped writing since. She loves a damn good love story, always has, no matter what the genre. She is particularly moved by imperfect love that in its own unique way is perfect, the notion of love at first sight, soul mates, and things that are generally out of the norm.

When she’s not writing she enjoys dabbling in photography and finding new, inspirational music to add to her collection. She currently resides in Texas (where everything really is bigger) with her husband, daughter, and their three peculiar dogs, Boudreaux, Tabasco, and Vanna Loo (who, call her crazy, bark with an accent).

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