Since I feel like I’m the CEO of reading books in a series out of order, I’ll say that I have a bit of perspective if you’re truly able to read this book as a standalone. And I say yes, HOWEVER, I think you’ll get the full experience by starting from the very beginning, which I’ll be doing very soon.

Sure Shot jumps right to it in this second chance of sorts and I was here for it. I love that despite both Tank and Bess going their separate paths several years ago, they reunited and the sizzling chemistry is still very much there. With Tank recently coming out of a divorce, I was a little nervous see what possible drama was going to come out of it. But it wasn’t like I thought it would be at all.

I loved that Tank pushed for what he wanted and even though he couldn’t see a long future with Bess, he couldn’t stay away from her. And boy, these two tried, but the pull is strong, so I was rooting for them from beginning to end.

I was a bit of a mess because some of the their story hit close to home and it just made it very easy to relate to them, not just individually, but a couple as well. More than anything, I loved that they were both willing to work through everything together especially with so many unknowns with the future.

I can’t recommend this book enough and it’s easily added to my faves for 2020!

major thank you to the author for the complimentary copy in consideration for a review. this does not affect my opinion of the book or review.

[rating stars=”four-half-stars”]

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  1. thebrowneyedbookworm says:

    wow a 2020 fave??? I can’t wait to read it!

    1. For me, yes. Also, I realize as I write my reviews, my ratings change. There were some parts that were a little slow, but overall, I really liked. But it resonated a bit more with me… Maybe I should have added this toy review. I’m a mess.

      1. thebrowneyedbookworm says:

        I’ve noticed that sometimes my feelings about a book right after I read it might be different to the feelings I have a few month later. I still love to write reviews right after finishing a book, and I have definitely downgraded ratings in the past.

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