Dr. Darya Zameeni doesn’t have time for interruptions—in her ER, or in her life. Especially not from the gorgeous man pacing in her waiting room. With mountains of student debt, an ailing single mother, and a younger sister to support, Darya can’t afford to get sidetracked, even though they can’t take their eyes off each other.

Disillusioned Grammy-winning rock star Anthony Castillo’s night wasn’t supposed to end like this—in the ER, panicked after his little brother’s sudden collapse on stage. The band cannot go back on tour without Carlos, but his brother needs constant medical attention. When the beautiful, no-nonsense Dr. Zameeni treating Carlos shows no interest in their fame, he decides she is the perfect candidate for the job. If only he can convince her—and himself—that he wants nothing more.

Darya can’t imagine leaving her job, even temporarily, to follow a rock star around the globe. She’s expected to be the perfect Iranian daughter, after all. But Anthony’s offer comes right as she needs the money and she cannot deny their attraction.

Family is everything to them both. With so much to lose, the smart thing would be to go back to their lives and forget they’d ever met. But doing the smart thing has never seemed so wrong…



Seriously sooo many things to love about Set to Music, from the author to the story, the characters … absolutely EVERYTHING!

Negeen is a new to me author and the synopsis absolutely sucked me in! I mean, I read this in one sitting, I think that speaks for itself. With Darya and Anthony living very different lives, I love that they were paired so seamlessly together. Despite their different backgrounds, when it comes to family, there’s a lot of similarities and were some of their vulnerabilities stem from. And I think it’s something that many readers will be able to personally understand. Everything that Negeen incorporated into their story, just made it very real because readers will be able to relate.

Yes, Darya and Anthony were well-written characters, it’s even better when you have such solid supporting characters. Family is a core value in this one and that’s just another thing that I loved. I related to that on so many levels since I have such a huge extended family, you don’t have to be blood-related to call someone family.

EMOTIONAL. I didn’t realize the level of it all and my goodness, tears were shed …. these two, seriously, grab your tissues! The angst is unreal, but it was necessary. They needed to navigate their relationship a bit and it wasn’t always easy, but worth it in the end.

I honestly don’t have enough words to describe how much I loved this story. I haven’t read a romance with a Persian family and I can’t wait to read Negeen’s backlist of books since she writes incorporates her Iranian heritage!

So much love for this story, all the stars!

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