And BOOM, my first new to me author read of 2019 and I’m an absolute fan after reading Polaris Rising. This book had everything that I look for in a sci-fi romance; a strong heroine, a sexy (yet stubborn) hero, and suspense that keep you engaged the entire time. Jessie Mihalik, I’m your newest fan and can’t wait to add this amazing book to my shelf for all to see!

I’m not sure when my last sci-fi book was, and a non-YA might I add. When it comes to sci-fi, when they don’t start of strong, it tends to my lose my interest pretty quickly. I was so thankful that it wasn’t wasn’t the case with this one. Mihalik woven such an engaging tale that I was pretty lost in Ada’s story. I couldn’t put this one down at all!

Like I mentioned earlier, I love when we have a strong heroine and Ada is just that. My connection to her was instant and I was eager to learn more about her and the world she grew up in. Being such a high status and on the run, she’s forced to cover all of her tracks and to trust no one. She’s clearly no damsel in the distress, but being on the run for so long will eventually go it’s course. She’s definitely not the life that she was born into and I really loved that about her. It really shone in her personality and I held onto to all the scenes with her siblings, and I’m hoping that we see/hear more about them in the rest of the series. With all of that being said, she’s a badass and definitely perfectly matched for Loch.

I’ll quickly comment on Loch because he is truly a treasure for you to discover on your own. I connected with him as soon as he was introduced. I don’t know how she did it, but Jessie was able to write a hero and had me rooting for the guy before we even knew his story. How does that even happen?! Little by little, his past is revealed and that just added to the suspense a bit of Ada’s journey. Many are commenting on his alpha-ness, it’s definitely there, but to me it was just the right amount to the point where he wasn’t overbearing. He knew and recognized Ada’s strength, and didn’t want to hold her back, even though I’m sure he would have just loved if she stayed put from time to time.

These two had to learn to trust each other quickly, Ada has her obvious barriers holding her back from doing so. But with being together on this insane venture, they’re forced into working together, which eventually brings them closer and has them questioning their feelings for one another. But that’s just the least of their worries since they have so much to face going forward.

I truly loved everything about the both of them, the story and the world-building. Jessie did a phenomenal job with writing enough of details about this world, it’s like you’re walking alongside them shadowing everything. And I’m dying to know what’s to come of the Consortium, a storm is definitely on the horizon!

Polaris Rising is such a solid foundation to this new series and I’m excited for Book 2, I’ll definitely be counting down the days until I can get my hands on that book!

Major thank you to Harper Voyager for the reader’s copy!

[rating stars=”five-stars”]

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