Life as I knew it ended the day I accepted my fate.

In its place is an existence even the wildest imagination could never fathom. Strange creatures walk among us, plotting our demise, and I’ve come to find that the fate of our world rests squarely on my shoulders. We’re all in danger and I’m trying to figure out how to make it through each day.

The key to my survival is a man I can’t figure out. As dangerous as the darkest fae, I have no choice but to work with him to stop the prophecy that’s foretold to be the ruination of mankind.

Carrick Byrne continues to be my only source of information, but he doles it out as he sees fit. He intrigues and scares me in equal measure, yet I can’t help but be attracted to him. And the more I discover about him, the more it becomes clear he feels the same.

As we travel to Faere in search of answers, we find that every piece of information leads to more questions, that every question leads to a new piece of the puzzle, and that, most importantly, no one can be trusted.

The more secrets we uncover, one thing is certain— if we have any chance of saving the world, we have to do it together.

A Discovery of Secrets and Fate is book two of the Chronicles of the Stone Veil series and is best enjoyed if read in series order.



A series that just keeps getting better and better! The story is unfolding a bit more, questions are being answered and tension is rising between Finley and Carrick … to the point where I’m frustrated.

Wow, wow, wow! I’m so unbelievably hooked and I’ve been left (yet again) just wanting so much more. With 5 books in this series, there’s still some character development and world-building happening. When it comes to the romance, it’s not where I wished it would be. But my goodness, Bennett is doing a fantastic job of building things up that’ll definitely keep you hooked.

I’ve been seeing some reviews about whether there’d be a romance or an HEA, but I’ve been reading Sawyer for years, I don’t think she’d lead us astray! All in time, all in time. I just know it’ll be worth it!

Usually long series get to me, but it’s a major plus that they’ve been releasing pretty quickly. I’m an impatient person and I’m hoping we get some steam in the next one cause phew, the chemistry between these two is absolutely off the chart!

Finley is still continuing her way to badassery, I love her character so much, she’s definitely the epitome of heroines that I like to read about. She’s still learning about what she’s capable of and I’ve just been fascinated by it all.

We finally get to see little pieces of Carrick peel away, but not quite enough to my liking. Ever so slowly, he’s letting his walls down. And there’s a bit of a truth bomb about him towards the end that I absolutely will not accept! Oh the broody heroes, I sure do love them too.

Absolutely can’t wait for book 3, just a few weeks and it’lll be ready for the world! This series just might be my favorite by Sawyer Bennett, I hope she continues to write more of this genre.

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