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Crown princess. Clever spy. Powerful mind magier. Gemma Ripley of Andvari is all those things–and determined to stop an enemy from using magical tearstone weapons to conquer her kingdom.

Gemma’s quest for answers leads her to a trade Summit between the various kingdoms. Among the other royals in attendance is Queen Maeven Morricone of Morta and her son, Prince Leonidas–Gemma’s charming and dangerous nemesis.

Gemma knows that Maeven always has a long game in motion, and sure enough, the cunning queen invokes an arcane tradition that threatens the fragile truce between Andvari and the other kingdoms. Despite her best intentions, Gemma once again finds herself thrown together with Leo and battling her growing feelings for the enemy prince.

When a series of deadly attacks shatters the Summit’s peaceful negotiations, Gemma realizes that someone wants to tear the royals down from their thrones–and that this enemy just might succeed.



Oh the satisfaction of finally getting this book into my hands. I absolutely loved Capture the Queen and was eagerly awaiting book 2 of this fantastic series. I didn’t do a re-read before jumping into this one, but was able to remember enough to keep going without getting lost.

Much like the Capture the Queen, the pacing was just perfect, I couldn’t put this one down and be completely taken away into this story. And the romance was so, so good! After craving more of it in book 1, I was quite satisfied on that front. Although, Gemma did frustrate me as she kept fighting the pull towards Leonidas.

I’m quickly becoming an instant fan of Estep, from the perfect amount of world-building, a romance that’ll have you asking for more, and some pretty well-rounded secondary characters.

I did split this read with the audio and definitely would have stuck with the audio, but by nighttime, I just couldn’t stop. And off to the ebook I went to keep on devouring. Lauren was such a great choice to narrate, you won’t even notice the length of this audio because she does a phenomenal job keeping you fully immersed.

This was such a great addition to the Gargoyle Queen series, we have one more to go and I can’t wait to get to it!

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