I am totally obsessing over this series and just can’t get enough of the characters. So far, the relationships in each book have been so relatable and real, it’s nearly impossible to not love them! I always get a bit nervous for new adult/college romances because I usually get so irritated with how idiotic and childish the characters can be. But it has not been the case with the Off-Campus characters … so far.

I have been binging this series so hard, trying to listen to the books at every given moment that I have. I just can’t seem to put their story down for a second.

In The Mistake we have the story of Grace and Logan. The ultimate good girl that oozes beauty, but isn’t seen in the “popular” crowd. And on the random chance that John Logan, all time player, shows up at her door, that’s where their story begins.

I’ve been loving when Elle plants seeds with her books of characters stories to come, we only get the surface, but know there’s so much more underneath to these hot shot hockey players that are oh-so well-known on campus.

I’ll admit that I was bit nervous for Logan’s story because I was not liking his little crush he had on Hannah, we get a glimpse of it in The Deal and I was seriously hoping it wouldn’t manifest into nothing more. Don’t worry, this isn’t a love triangle, let’s be real, there’s no way that Garrett would be letting his best friend take Hannah away from him. Good luck with that!

The more you get into the story, we see all the quirky and cute moments of Grace’s interactions with Logan. It definitely had me giggling, which earned me funny looks from my husband since I was in the car listening to this.

I loved the bond that these two form and that Logan was able to finally realize exactly what his feelings were towards his best friend’s girlfriend or rather WHAT he was craving. A relationship, to be head over heels over someone, which he definitely finds with Grace.

Obviously once Grace knows the truth about Logan, she doesn’t make it so easy for him to get back into her good “graces”. *chuckle* I loved that she made it work for it and rightfully so! And it’s absolutely hilarious.

Ahhhh, this series! It’s no mystery that it’s ranking up there on my sports romances. And it’s onto the next book, The Score.

NARRATION: I wish we had a male doing the POV instead of one doing both, it felt a bit off for me. But it didn’t stop me from listening to this book. I don’t mind Lorelei at all.

[rating stars=”four-half-stars”]

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