I’ve had The Deal on my kindle for so long just waiting for me to read. It wasn’t until I learned that these books were getting new covers that it kick started my need to finally dive into this series. I went and got the audiobook since I had a few roadtrips planned and I was close to finishing with the listen, but just couldn’t wait … so I read the rest!

My love goes deep for Garret and Hannah. I loved what their friendship/relationship transformed into by the end of the book. We got to see the many stages of their relationship before their happy ever after and it sure was a funny, endearing and rather emotional journey. It was definitely more emotional than I expected it to be.

With Hannah and the absolute traumatic moment she faced at only 15 years and learning that Garret suffered years of abuse from his father, there are some heavy moments that generally bring them closer together. They had enough trust in each other as time went one that they were able to open themselves up. And I just loved where their tutoring sessions/chuckling bickering brought them. It was sweet and just cute!

I loved Hannah so damn much, she was such a relatable character. And I oh-so appreciated that Elle didn’t sugar coat the painful thing that she went through. Even now that she’s in college, she’s still bears scars from that day. She’s such a strong, smart girl and that wickedly quick wit that I couldn’t get enough of. It’s darn right near impossible to not love the girl.

Every aspect of this book was absolutely EVERYTHING. Their story was just natural and real, I loved how it went from acquaintance to friends to lovers (or well being together). I was completely lost in their story and didn’t want it to end. It was all oh-so-perfect and now I’m just going to keep on listening to the rest of this series.

NARRATION: The narrator was awesome, I honestly didn’t realize she was reading both POVs, but I’ll sum it up to how amazing she was and reading both. I hope the rest of the series is narrated by her, I’m a fan.

[rating stars=”five-stars”]


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