I’ve been striking out hard with holiday reads, they’re not books I gravitate towards, but every year I want to give them a chance. And this was going to be the year that I called it quits on holiday reads.

However, A Princess for Christmas won me over completely and it wasn’t like some other holiday reads I’ve read before. I’ll be honest, I judged this book hard by its cover, which we all know we shouldn’t do. But I always get a bit skeptical with illustrated covers. As far as holiday reads go, this is definitely the steamiest and that is completely OK with me. I love steam 🙂

So I did a combo of listening to the audiobook and reading the ebook. I loved that Leo was such a grumpy hero, but I was completely intrigued by him. Even with his grumpy demeanor, he always gave into Marie’s charm, and that was downright adorable.

Marie was very much a royal princess type of character that I imagined her to be. But there was nothing to dislike about her.

These two had an instant connection and I just couldn’t wait to see what would come of it despite all the hurdles they’d face.

Definitely my favorite holiday read of the season and can’t wait for more!

Narrator: This was my first time listening to Charlotte North and I truly enjoyed her narrating. Audiobooks have been a huge lifesaver for me, this year, they bring a different type of reading experience that I truly like.

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    1. I’m just happy that I found a holiday read that I actually loved. Yay for the audiobook being such a lifesaver 😉

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