OK … I really did enjoy this read, but I didn’t love it as much as the others in this series. Rin & Court from Piece of Work still have my heart. I really, REALLY wanted to love this one, but couldn’t quite connect with their relationship or with Thomas Bane. However, the fact that I’ve been having a slow month of reading and in a bit of a reading rut, didn’t help with matters at all.

I’ve been really enjoying stories with the marriage of inconvenience trope, I love seeing the journey from fake  to something real. I don’t know what it was but I definitely saw Amelia and Thomas as kindred spirits, two souls that essentially always to be in each other’s lives. But I couldn’t get on with the love part of their relationship. I was over the moon with how sweet their friendship was and how they were out to protect each from the very beginning. I don’t know why, but I thought they were better off as friends. Staci, please don’t hate me, still FOREVER love your books, that will never change!

Of course, I was eager to see all my girls from the Red Lipstick Coalition back together again, I’m always waiting to read those scenes because they are the best girl tribe anyone can ask for. They’re such a hilarious bunch, but they’re loyal and supportive to one another. I can never get enough of them.

Another thing that is always certain with this series is that I instantly love the heroine. I loved the shy and introvert that is Amelia and bonus points for being a book blogger. And the aspect of digging deep and laying out all the truth about Thomas’s books were the absolute BEST. It was such a great foundation to their friendship.

SO yeah, definitely enjoyed this one, but saw them better as friends. There are sooo many moments that everyone will love. And (as usual) can’t wait for Katherine’s book, like SUPERRRR excited for this!

Major thank you to Staci and Tina for the advanced reader’s copy!

[rating stars=”three-half-stars”]

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