JLA was one the authors I found after diving more into romance and YA paranormal and she has quickly become an author that I’ll always buy books from. From everything she has written, I’ve loved her paranormal and sci-fi series the most and Wicked tops as one of my favorite series.

In Wicked we’ve got a new world to discover dealing with fae, pixies, and other Otherworld creatures. Plus set it all in the heart of New Orleans, there’s bound to be some sort of shenanigans going down. Keep the beignets coming because Ivy is obsessed with them!

True to JLA fashion, Ivy makes another badass heroine to absolutely love. Even though Ivy can hold her and is utterly independent, there’s still a lot of growth in her character as her story progresses. And that’s one of my favorite things I loved to read about when it comes to JLA’s heroines. Ivy understands pain more than anyone, it was so unbearable that she refuses to let herself be open to that again. Being a part of the Order and balancing the life of a college student, she has more than enough on her plate. And let’s not forget her Amazon Prime obsessed sidekick, Tink, to to keep things even more interesting.

And it’s not too long when the ever so strong and beautiful green-eyed man that is Ren slams into her life. The chemistry is there between them almost instantly, they just have to be standing in the same room and you’d be able to feel it radiating off of them. There’s a bit of a mystery to Ren since he has recently transferred to the New Orlean sect, however there’s a big reason he’s there but isn’t revealing much. If Aiden and Daemon made a baby, you’d get Ren! Another hero to swoon over, who loves twisting Ivy’s words, and you’ll just add another book boyfriend to add to your evergrowing list!

I loved how action packed it was and constantly leaving me with so many questions, plus it’s always my favorite to play the guessing game of who did what. There’s seriously a lot of secrets being held in this book between quite a few characters. I thought it was easy to predict a few things here and there by the end; just some good ole plot twists to put you through a loop.

So yeah, JLA does it again with this phenomenal start to her Wicked series, thankfully there will just be three books in this series and absolutely can’t wait to read the next!

[rating stars=”five-stars”]

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