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    Review | Up to You by Daisy Prescott

    Today we are celebrating the release of UP TO YOU by Daisy Prescott. This is the fourth book in the Love with Altitude standalone series. Check out the buy links and teasers for the book below.

    UP TO YOU by Daisy Prescott
    (A Love with Altitude Novel, #4)

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    About Up to You

    I’m the last single woman among my friends. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m fine with flying solo, especially with ski season right around the corner. You won’t hear me complaining. Until my mother decides I need a date for my cousin’s wedding … and chooses the worst man in the world for me.

    Landon Roberts is the human equivalent of a parka with every ski pass he’s ever purchased hanging off of his zipper. Apparently my mother is the last person in Colorado to know about Landon’s reputation.

    To make things worse, his super hot brother Aiden’s back in town. Still gorgeous and still not remotely interested in me.

    I can survive this wedding disaster as long as I pretend my date is someone else.


    As one of the stars of Aspen’s rugby club, I don’t need help meeting women. Tell that to my mother. She’s picked out my date for the biggest wedding of the year.

    Mae London is the local girl who broke every heart in the valley before she left for California. Now she’s back and hotter than ever. Too bad she hates me.

    Enlisting the help of my brother, I’m going to become the ideal man, and charm Mae right out of her bad opinion of me.

    This wedding date will be perfect as long as I pretend to be someone else.Purchase UP TO YOU on Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo


    This was a first time read for Daisy Prescott and I found myself rather enjoying this quick read. It can be read as a standalone, but I have a feeling that reading the previous books in this series will give you better insight about the rest of the supporting characters. With a writing that flows effortlessly and with likable characters, it won’t be the last time I’ll read something from Prescott.

    I was a little surprised and set back (a little) by the love triangle aspect that seemed to happen. But once you dive more into the story, you’ll quickly figure out where everyone’s emotions are at. We have the heroine, Mae, who I was a bit iffy about at first, there was a brief moment of her being a bit quick to judge and shallow. I definitely felt for her as she was the only single gal among all the couples, it’s tough being the odd one out despite how happy you are for everyone. With her cousin’s wedding on the horizon, her mother and the mother of her high school fling are in cahoots to get their children be dates to the wedding. With Landon being the cocky womanizing man that he is, he tends to have one thing on his mind and sees Mae as a challenge. And Mae being cornered, she hesitantly agrees to be his date to appease their mothers.

    And that brought big brother Aiden into the picture, which is the man everyone will be rooting for. The better brother, the actual decent human being who seems to have always had a little thing for Mae, but it didn’t manifold into more until he sees her again. And it’s pretty evident that the attraction is strong between Mae and Aiden.

    There we have a little sibling rivalry when only one truly wants to be with her for the right reasons.

    Sooo, yes there are three characters involved, but it’s so very clear from the beginning what will happen. Landon was just such an unlikeable character in this one and he definitely didn’t have me rooting for him. I was a bit taken aback with Mae as she would easily believe some of the things he’d say about his brother Aiden, which were absolutely false. You can definitely sense the little bit of hostility between Landon and Aiden.

    I was hoping for a bit more romance in this one, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this light read. Prepare yourself to completely swoon over Aiden!

    If you’re looking for a light read with zero angst, give this one a go! Can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

    ✭✭✭ 1/2




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    new daisy prescott full size

    Meet the Author

    USA Today Bestselling Author Daisy Prescott writes romantic comedies about real love.

    Her Modern Love Stories feature characters in their thirties and forties finding and rediscovering love in unexpected and humorous ways. Her Wingmen books star regular guys who often have beards, drive trucks, and love deeply once they fall. Daisy’s Love with Altitude latest small town, rom com series is set in Aspen, Colorado. Bewitched is a magical serial set in Salem, Massachusetts. Don’t miss her standalone, Tinfoil Heart, a rom com about love, letting go, and little green men.

    Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Newsletter

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