Bahhhhh, it bums me to say, This is Love didn’t quite hit the mark with me. But I’m an ultimate Natasha Madison fan, so I definitely enjoyed these two. There was no stopping Mark from pursuing what he wanted and that was Vivienne.

I liked that these two already had a little bit of history. But I was on edge the whole time because I just knew that when it all fell apart, it would have to do with Vivienne’s fear of falling in love again. Which instantly set things up for me to not really like her as much as I’d hope. As far as the heroines go in this series, Vivienne might be my least favorite.

Everything about these two are H-O-T! They got the sexual chemistry down like it’s nothing. I admired Mark’s persistence towards Vivienne and how creative he was in inputting himself into her life. He wanted to win her over and wanted a forever with her. There was no stopping this man.

I liked that even though he’s constantly in the hockey spotlight, he’s very strict about keeping his private life, private. And that little tidbit pays off in the end, talk about best reaction moments!

Overall, definitely an enjoyable read with it’s steamy scenes, hilarious banter, I just couldn’t connect with either one of the characters.

major thank you to the author for the complimentary copy in consideration for a review. this does not affect my opinion of the book or review.

[rating stars=”three-stars”]

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