Review | The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings

The Dark Prince

Dorian Skotos is Dark. And although that brand of sheer, unrelenting evil is a direct threat to her life, Gabriella is tragically in love with him. 

Gabriella knew it was all too good to be true. The way his touch radiated electricity right to her core, the way his ice blue eyes somehow made panties drop involuntarily, how his sexy half-smile crumbled the barriers around her heart…Dorian was extraordinary in every way. 

She ignored the alarm bells for the sake of pleasure and a little slice of peace from her mixed-up life. She thought that whatever he was, she could help him. Maybe even change him. But now that the proof of Dorian’s true identity and what he was sent for is staring her in the face, Gabriella can’t deny the inevitable. And confronting that truth could very well slaughter more than just her fragile heart.


*warning | spoilers*

First of all, if you’re reading this and haven’t even read Dark Light, get out of here, buy the book, and read away! Anyways, I absolutely LOVE that this book started right where it left off in The Dark Light, so I definitely appreciated that! There were no unanswered questions, just what I like. I swear, once you start this book, you won’t be able to put it down. I finished it in one sitting, don’t worry food & bathroom breaks were taken, and I was up until the wee hours of the morning.

“The man before me is my heart and soul. Every part of me screams for him, yearns for him. And even if he has lied to me, I can’t deny what I feel for him. I just can’t turn it off.”

I can’t even get over how strong this book started! Love truly conquers all, their love is so strong, one side of him wants to kill, but his other side is still able to love. And love stops him from not finishing what he was set to do; kill Gabriella! She was ready to die to save him, talk about love right there. A hard sacrifice! This book will pull your emotions in so many different directions, it’s ridiculous, but I was a fan of it all. I’d be full on sad, heartstrings being pulled to the max … then super happy, things were exactly how they should be … then it wasn’t … then it was, it’s seriously like a battle. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of steaminess in this book from Gabi & Dorian and so many humorous exchanges between the two.

Gabi has her own little war to deal with, I loved her a lot more in this book. Her character really develops and definitely matures by the end. She becomes more confident and is finally able to make a decision for herself. A lot lays on her plate, and hers alone, she’s finally able to accept what lays ahead and takes it on full force.

New characters are introduced and you’ll love the very sarcastic, yet gorgeous, Niko Skotos! I won’t say much about him, except that I love him just as much as Dorian! So, read on and find out for yourself!

Now I’m sad that I have to wait till the Fall to read the 3rd installment of this series! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!