Bay Bishop aka The New Girl is my new neighbor. In her glasses and stage crew black clothes she has a knack for fading into the background.

She’s probably the only one who rolls her eyes when I walk past instead of cheering on my last touchdown play. But before I can shove her into the recesses of my mind filed under “Not my problem” she lands herself smack dab in the middle of my dreams.

I catch her singing with a voice unlike any I’ve heard before that taps into feelings I shouldn’t have for the girl who avoids me at all costs.

With three months until graduation, the final play is on. Only it’s not for more points. It’s for Bay.

Unlike my success on the field, this win is anything but assured. But I can’t stop myself from taking the risk.

There’s no flashing scoreboard.
There’s no cheering crowd.
There’s only her and me.

The countdown clock is ticking. The only thing scarier about finding my first love will be losing her.



I totally dropped by the ball and didn’t pay attention to the fact that this was going to be a trilogy with the same couple. When it comes to contemporary romance, that tends to be an iffy read for me and usually not ones I gravitate towards. But with being a fan of Maya, it was a must to read The Art of Falling for You.

The prologue absolutely sucked me in, which is in the present and we see a little bit of Bay and Dare in current times. I loved the dual POV because it’s an absolute must for a book that’s bound to be a bit emotional. After the prologue, we go back to Bay and Dare’s senior year of high school. And we spend most of the book there in the past.

Bay, loved the heroine so much, just an all-around amazing character. Even with the bulk of the book spanning a few months, there’s so much character development happening. I don’t want to say too much about what she’s been through because it adds another level to this beautiful start.

Dare hasn’t always had it easy especially when it comes to his relationship with his father. There’s definitely something way beneath the surface that many don’t see. He tends to keep it to himself and it’s only a matter of time before it all comes out.

I loved how he was with Bay, they’re just so cute together. He has a sweet side for sure and not afraid to show it when it comes to Bay.

With this second chance trilogy, I totally get why may set the story up this way and now I realllllly need that second book. I’m so eager to find out more, I need it … I NEED IT!

By the end you’ll just want to give big hugs to both of them, several tears were shed and my hearttttttt … I’m sure there will be more tears to come since they’ll have plenty to work through.

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