From New York Times bestselling author Emily Goodwin comes a sexy standalone romance about a single dad who has sworn off women and the nanny who is faced with the biggest con she has ever pulled, not falling in love.

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Bah, why didn’t I start this series sooner?! Side Hustle was my first time read from Emily Goodwin and I gained the new sense that I need to read more of her books. Not only will you love this story, but the characters as well. Now that I’ve naturally started this series at book 3, I’ll be going back to read the first two …

I’ll be honest and say that I was a bit nervous about Scarlet and her con-artist ways. But she turned out to surprise me the most. She’s had a rough go at life and is scrapping at every bit to get to the next day and take care of her family. I may not have agreed with what she does, but underneath all of that is someone with a heart of gold and just wants the best for everyone.

Meeting Weston was just the turn of the tide that she needed in her life, the same with Weston. Their attraction is pretty instant, but Wes tries his hardest to keep their relationship as employer/employee, he didn’t want to cross that line. But it’s easy for things to get blurred once feelings start to form.

Wes is just an all-around great guy and father! A family man, who loves his job and wants to do more for his community by running for sheriff. He’s not one to trust people right away especially when it comes to his son but it didn’t much time at all for Scarlet to win him over. But the one thing that’ll constantly be on the back of your mind as you’re reading is Scarlet’s truth about why she originally took on this nanny gig. And how Wes will react…

I was expecting a major fallout, but Wes surprises us all with his level-headedness and well love truly conquers all in this situation. No one’s perfect and everyone has their flaws, Scarlet knows that and wants to change her ways as she starts to fall in love with not only Wes’ adorable little boy but for him as well.

I really enjoyed this read and the Dawson family is absolutely one to adore! Side Hustle is a read that’ll leave you feeling great by the end, so everyone needs to add it to their TBR!

[rating stars=”four-stars”]

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