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Mia has had her whole life mapped out since she was 18. She’s supposed to follow up her math PhD with a research postdoc, but her 20-year tenure plan takes a surprise deviation when she’s forced to settle for a temporary teaching job at a small-town university.

It’s not easy adapting to rural life when you’re an inveterate city girl, but Mia tries to make the best of it until she can get the heck out of Podunk—er, Crowder, Texas. Things finally start to look up after a run-in with some terrifying local wildlife sends her careening into the arms of a sexy goat farmer/cheesemaker.

Mia finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Josh’s gruff cowboy charms, especially after she learns what lies behind the thick walls he’s built around his heart. The deeper their connection grows, the more Crowder starts to feel like home.

But Mia can’t afford to stay. Not unless she’s willing to give up on her dream—or trade it in for a new one.



We have reached the end of this series, but I haven’t read them all, so I’m not quite saying farewell. I absolutely adored Elementary Romantic Calculus. I loved that Mia went into a completely new environment being from the city and moving to a small town in Texas. She wasn’t banking on the friends she made, learning that she loved teaching, and JOSH 🙂

How about that to completely alter the plans that you had for your life? And I was here for all of it. You definitely see the battle she faced especially when she was checking things off of her life plan list. Adding Josh into the mix where it’s opposites attract, they were one another’s best supporters and I loved that.

Truly enjoyed Mia and Josh’s story, lots of sweet and fun moments for anyone to enjoy. I’ll be going back to this series to read what I’ve missed. And I’m soooo looking for to her upcoming series 🙂

Waking up next to a stranger wearing a wedding ring was not on the itinerary.

I came to Las Vegas for a quick girl’s trip, but somehow ended up a married woman. What I thought would stay in Vegas followed me back to my small town of Sunrise Bay, Alaska.

Of course, my new husband—MMA champion fighter, Logan Stone—couldn’t find me alone at my house to tell me he wants to give our impromptu nuptials a shot. He has to tell me in front of my entire family and half the town.

The two of us couldn’t be more opposite, but he offers me a deal I can’t refuse which involves me pretending we’re happily married for three months. Yeah, a lot of things can change in that short amount of time, most importantly catching feelings for a man whose lifestyle I despise.

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A character with commitment issues, an MMA fighter at the height of his career, and a Vegas wedding?! What shenanigans can these two get in. One thing that I like about this author duo is that they try to incorporate different tropes/scenarios for each of their books.

Logan was just a sweet and endearing guy, he was all hands on deck when it came to their oopsies marriage, but the biggest battle was having that forever with Nikki. I did struggle with her character quite a bit because it seemed at times she was always looking for a way out.

Overall, still an enjoyable read!

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