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Previously published under a different title

“I can’t touch you yet. Once I do, it’s over.”

As daughter of the ruling Pack family, Layla Warden is under pressure to settle down. Find a nice wolf mate from a nice wolf family and have nice wolf babies. Layla has other plans, but when you’re a werewolf, biology trumps plans. And when Layla meets Sid, the sex is so intense, so hot, so consuming, it’s more than just a connection. It’s a mating bond.

Sid Rosario wasn’t expecting to find his mate so soon—some wolves never find theirs. Now that he’s found Layla, he’s never letting her go. But lust and desire alone aren’t enough to secure their bond. If they want this incredible happiness to last, there’s one more thing they’ll have to do…


Reluctant Mate was my introduction to not only this author, but the series as well. It is a novella, so you’ll be wanting more once you’re finished. Despite it being so short, a lot does happen in this one. You learn a little about the pack, mating, the tri-bond (I’m still tripping out a little bit about that). It’s a great opening for the rest of the series and it helped me prepare for the interesting ways of the wolves.
This novella is definitely a paranormal/shapeshifter erotica, so you can expect an insta-love and plenty of steaminess. I have a feeling that I’ll love all the women in this series, they’re amazing and strong! Going on what she had to face when it came to Sid, it was a natural reaction, which makes it easier for us to relate to her. Yes, I’m not a wolf, but if I was facing the same situation she was, I’d be like what the f**k?!
Yes, it was a bit too short for my liking, but it intrigued me to keep reading this series.
**ARC was provided for an honest review**

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