I’m going to say this first before I dive into my review, I absolutely adore Jasinda and her books. So please don’t take this the wrong way. Although this may not be my favorite of Jasinda, I still found it enjoyable and loved the HEA we finally get in the end. I am ecstatic for the 50 States of Love series and will absolutely read every single one of them.

I 100% understood Elyse’s hang ups with pursuing something with Jamie especially after the way her ex-husband treated her. And that was the consensus for most of the book, no matter how strong her attraction and feelings were towards Jamie, she refused to make something official about. But bless his heart because he knew down to the depths of his soul that he found his match in Elyse. And he was willing to wait for her!

I loved Jamie, he was so patient and respectful of her wishes. Even though she was driving me absolutely bonkers over it all. He was great with Aiden and it was so evident that he loved Elyse and her son almost instantly.

So yeah, I really struggled with Elyse’s character, she pushed him so much and there were times where I’d whisper, Jamie deserves better. But don’t worry, we get our HEA, I’m kind of hoping for an extended epilogue because I just wanted more time with the both of them.

Pregnant in Pennsylvania is an enjoyable and OK read that I think many will enjoy!

major thank you to the author for the complimentary copy in consideration for a review. this does not affect my opinion of the book or review.

[rating stars=”three-stars”]

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