About Mr. Wicked

She’s hated me since high school…
Francesca “Frankie”
Archer is the smart mouthed rich girl who worked her way into my heart back in high school. Our one date turned into a nightmare and we’ve been at each other’s throat since. Now, she’s a sex club owning hottie who still looks better
in shorts and a tshirt than any woman should.
We need to be civil to each other as co-best men standing up for our best friend at his wedding. How hard can that be? But old feelings, a few cocktails and shared hotel suite later and I’m touching her in ways no other man has.
In the light of day, she’s ready to chalk it up to a drunken one night stand, but I’m not ready to end things just as they are beginning again. Maybe I can convince her, if I can show her everything I’ve learned since we’ve been apart. I know she’ll look amazing with the soft ropes crisscrossed across her body.
Mr. Wicked is a 55,000 word second chance, accidental pregnancy romance. It features a sassy sex club owner, sweet and sexy bondage enthusiast and a heaping helping of steamy nights.




A pleasant, yet quick read with just the amount of romance. Normally I’m not a huge fan of books where it goes from past to present, I feel like sometimes it takes too much away from the present story. But the author did a good job of balancing the two. And I’m sucker for second chance romances and I loved this one.

Frankie is my girl and I need a friend like that. She’s a different kind of heroine, actually, she’s my spirit animal. Living the life with a silver spoon in her mouth, she didn’t care about living that kind of life. She was real and I loved her for it.

Johnnnn, this guy hasn’t exactly had it easy. But I loved him, I’m not even sure what more I can say about this amazing guy. But I’ll leave it at that.

OK, let’s start with the fact with yes these two have history and a book of miscommunication. After an amazing night at their high school dance and a memorable kiss to last a lifetime, their relationship could only go up from there, right? Wrong because high school is a b*tch and people can be real a**holes. And that became their downfall, for 10 years they never the truth of what really went down and that turned their friendship into being enemies.

10 years later, they call a truce for their best friend’s, Killian, wedding.

Even after all that time, their feelings for each other lasted time. I loved seeing them put all the pieces back together and getting to know each other as adults.  They’re a perfect match!

A short and sweet read that I thoroughly enjoyed! I’m going to have to read the rest of this series.

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