Now let me start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of JLA’s work especially the Covenant and Lux series, those books are my absolute favorites out of all that she has written. Once I’ve heard about her newest series, de Vincent, the synopsis had me intrigued. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with this one, but I was curious to read more, especially with the darker tone this book emits.

This book starts off with secrets galore, there’s just a lot of mystery of what it is going on and you’ll be wanting to all these questions answered. To be honest, I had trouble deciding what the genre actually was, you’ll know exactly what I mean once you start diving into this one. You get the paranormal vibe that’s on the scary side, yet it’s truly a suspense thriller. Note: this is not a PNR. There’s just some straight up creepy things happening in this book. Or maybe it’s the fact that some of the characters straight up creeped me out.

Let’s start off with Julia, she recently secured this amazing job, which seems a bit overpaid. There’s a lot of mystery behind who her client is, so much that she was given false names in order to hide the identity of who she’d be working for. On the eve of her big move and first day on the job, she heads out to the local bar as a last hoo-rah. Expecting to just have a few drinks with friends, turns into a night ending in bliss with a beautiful stranger.

The next day she gets the surprise she wasn’t expecting. Not only does she learn about the famous and extremely wealthy family she now works for, she learns more about that stranger from the night before. Despite a little bit of truth and all signs telling her she should head back home and get a new job, she decides to stick it out.

Lucian, what is there to say about this man? A cocky bastard I must say and knows EXACTLY what he wants. A definition of a playboy, but his other side showing how much he cares about not only his family but his sister as well. Besides all that, he has that dark, mysterious, and sexiness rolling off of him in folds.

 I loveeeee Julia. She’s a pretty strong character and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of Lucian’s twin, Madeline. doesn’t give in too quickly to Lucian’s advances. However, it’s so evident how much attraction is going on between the both of them. Even though Lucian loves to play the field a bit, he’s completely enamored with Julia. I enjoyed seeing Julia unravel him.

Moonlight Sins is not a quick read and a book you have to really pay attention to every detail to truly understand what’s going on. Secrets are being held, is it really a curse upon the de Vincent family? All I’m saying is that there are more than ghosts walking around in the de Vincent mansion. Overall, a well-rounded story with quite a bit of mystery and that slow burn that I love so much.  Be prepared to swoon over Lucian! I look forward to the next book, Moonlight Seduction.

[rating stars=”four-stars”]



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