I’m not sure if it was my mood or what, but my recent reads haven’t quite worked out for me lately. This was a first time read from this author and the synopsis intrigued me, so I couldn’t wait to start.  I found myself struggling a bit to get through this book, so it ended up being an OK read for me. I definitely want to give the other books in this series a try and then re-read Got It Bad.

The synopsis is what really pulled at me to read this book and for the most the storyline was ok. The situation that Delaney and Kellan were in was something that I haven’t quite read before or well haven’t read in a long time. I felt so bad for Kellan and the circumstances he was brought under because of his brothers’ decisions. His brothers; Got It Bad is book 3 in this series and I highly advise you read those two before jumping into this one. I think that was another big reason why I wasn’t able to connect with this book at all. It felt like I was missing a bigger part of the story and I think it lies with his brothers. It all ties in since they’re the main reason why Kellan is essentially in hiding.

I did love the romance between Kellan and Delaney. Kellan was absolutely sweet and charming to Delaney, it was so cute. It frustrated me a bit that Delaney would always put a timestamp on their relationship. When it comes to love, there’s always a way!

I really wanted to enjoy this more, but was just hoping for so much more with the storyline. I’m definitely not writing this book off because I still need to read the other books and I’ll be able to make the connections a lot better. I still enjoyed this one, it’s definitely a sweet read!

[rating stars=”three-stars”]

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