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    Review | Goddess of Forgetfulness by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

    About Goddess of Forgetfulness

    From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes Book #4 of the Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series. (Standalone)


    The Goddess of Forgetfulness has spent seventy thousand years wishing for a man to remember her for more than five seconds. But when her wish is finally granted, she’s appalled. Távas is cocky, handsome, and seven feet of rude muscled man. He can’t possibly be her mate! But all signs are pointing to yes. Okay, at least a strong maybe.

    Is this some sort of cosmic dating error? She darn well hopes so.

    Determined to discover the truth, she agrees to one date. Just one! But the night is about to reveal that his real identity is crazier and more alluring than she ever imagined.




    The Immortal Matchmakers Series is just a fun series that I love reading! They’re hilarious, they’re all kind of crazy in their own way, but you’ll be rooting for all of them to find their mates.

    Next up in this series, we have the Goddess of Forgetfulness or Forgety or Aurora. And can I just say how heartbreaking it is that she didn’t really have a name because people just forget about her … Yet another reason why I was rooting so hard for her to find her mate. And once it’s revealed who her mate is, it was the last person I expected it to be. And I questioned, “how the hell is this going to work?”, which made me get sad all over again because I was nearly giving in that she wouldn’t have a mate. But trust me, there’s a happy ending of sorts.

    Her inner dialogue is hilarious yet heartbreaking at times because she’s so nonchalant about the fact that people just forget about her. It’s sad to hear her talk about it because it has become second nature, she’s used to it.

    As always, I love seeing characters from previous books pop up. And of course, Cimil is in this one and by the end, I’m just on the fence about her. She’s just a very selfish person that does no good, but there’s a certain something that left me curious about what would happen to her.

    ZAC  …. he’s in this as well and we’ve kept up with him throughout the series, but let’s just say I didn’t expect what happened to happen to him. I cried and refused to accept it, so here I am sitting in a puddle of tears refusing to accept that truth, Mimi! How dare you … haha.

    As always, loved reading Forgetty’s story and absolutely can’t wait for the next one in this series!


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