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    Review & Excerpt | Protected by Lexi Blake

    About Protected

    Their first chance at love ended in heartbreak

    Wade Rycroft fell in love with Geneva Harris when she was the smartest girl in his class. The rodeo star and the shy academic made for an odd pair, but their chemistry was undeniable. They made plans to get married after high school. Those plans changed when Genny broke his heart. Joining the Army gave him a chance to leave that life behind. News that Genny married the town’s golden boy let Wade know that he could never go home again.

    A chance encounter rekindles an old flame

    Fifteen years later, he’s found his place in the world and tried to forget the woman who left him standing in the rain. After leaving the Army he forged a new life as a bodyguard at McKay-Taggart, but he still feels incomplete. When his brother’s wedding brings him home to Broken Bend, Texas, he walks into a storm of scandal. Genny’s marriage has dissolved, the town has turned against her, and someone is making threats. Seeing her again reawakens feelings he thought were long gone, and he worries that staying close enough to help her could be too much to bear.

    Their reunion just might kill them both

    After an attempt is made on Genny’s life, Wade can’t refuse to help her. Watching over her day and night, it’s clear that having her back in his life could be the thing to finally make him whole. When the danger follows them back to Dallas, their second chance at love could be over before it even begins.


    Coming to other retailers October 29, 2018


    Color me intrigued with this series! I love that 1,001 Dark Nights has all these novellas for series that we might like to read. I haven’t read from the Masters and Mercenaries series, but Protected did a decent job introducing this world. Even though this novella didn’t quite do it for me, I’m looking forward to starting at book 1 with this series because I became rather curious about the other characters that were mentioned.

    Now I absolutely love second chance romances as many of you know, so it was a no-brainer to give this one a try. Plus I haven’t read a Lexi Blake book before and despite the little things here and there I didn’t like, I absolutely loved her writing.

    I didn’t connect with the characters like I hoped I would. More Wade than Genny. Genny had the absolute worst history in their story that spanned about 15 years, my heart broke for her completely and everything she had to endure. It just makes you darn right pissy at not only Wade but his family as well, ugh his family is a topic for another day. She knows the definition of sacrifice, she never had her freedom. The only peace she had during that 15 years of misery was her son, Ash. And that brings me to the point of how disappointed I was in Wade. They apparently had this very deep and lasting love, yes, they were teenagers and were soon to marry after his basic training. Once he leaves for training, fast forward a little bit of time and he gets a Dear John letter from Genny. And that was more than enough to convince him that Genny didn’t want him anymore. Dude, you weren’t living in the olden days, you had a chance to talk to her and get the truth, but you ignored it … for 15 yearsSo yeah, if you can’t tell, Wade wasn’t my favorite.

    After all of that, Genny is a bit hesitant to get back into things with Wade. Sex obviously comes easy for them, but Genny has so much to work through, mentally. I admired that she really pushed to get herself back into a healthy state of mind. Her ex-husband was abusive to her and she essentially lost all control over herself. I can’t even imagine what that’s like and doing it for so long.

    I liked the suspense and am rather curious if the rest of the series is like that because I’m totally for it. I need more suspenseful reads in my love. So yeah, even though this wasn’t a favorite of mind, it was a solid introduction that’ll definitely leave you intrigued to learn about this series!



    “Don’t. Don’t tell me how to feel. I know you’ve worked through this, but I don’t know how to.”

    “It helps to admit that we were all children back then.”

    “My mother wasn’t.” He needed to talk about this with her.

    “No, but she wasn’t the same after your dad died. She was lost and I’ve forgiven her,” she replied quietly. “You can’t spend your life being angry.”

    “You’re angry with me.”

    For a moment he thought she would ignore him. Then she turned to him, her eyes shining in the moonlight. “Maybe. It’s hard to figure out how I feel about you. For a long time, I dreamed about you at night. You were the only man I ever loved. Brock killed that. I think he might have killed the part of me that can love someone other than my son. I didn’t feel a lot when my father passed. But then he was the one who told me to suck it up. I went to him after Brock hit me the first time. He told me to not make my husband mad.”

    “Genny, he should have killed him. I would have. God, I should have.” That sorrow that had been building inside him threatened to spill over. Anger was there, but it was overshadowed by the terrible pain he felt at the thought of her being alone and afraid.

    “It’s funny,” she said, studying him in the silvery light. “I went over pretty much every possible scenario I could, and this wasn’t the way I thought you would handle it. It’s why it took forever for me to talk to you. I thought you would either not care at all or that you would be so angry you went after everyone. I hesitated because I thought I might unleash a beast.”

    He could give her this. Since the moment he’d learned the truth, he’d genuinely forced himself to think about how he reacted. It would be selfish to act out in anger when she needed him to be calm, to think about what was best for her. The drive from Broken Bend to Dallas with Ash had made that clear to him. They needed someone who would thoughtfully protect them, not a raging animal who fed his own needs. “You’ve had enough anger in your life. It’s there. God, it’s there, but I swear I won’t act on it because I won’t do anything that could hurt you. I’ll try to handle him in every legal way I can and if I have to take him out, I’ll do it in a way that can never come back on any of us. You don’t need my rage. You do need me though.”

    “I don’t want to.”

    “Because you think I’ll let you down again.” It wasn’t a question.

    “Because I don’t want to love anyone again,” she admitted.

    About the Author

    NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog int eh world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.



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