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Book Two in the Dad Bod Contracting series is coming September 14! Don’t miss Audra and Franco’s story!

About Drilled

IMOGEN: Jesse says you better know what you’re doing with Franco.

ME: Dude, I’m scared.

IMOGEN: !! What? Tell me!

ME: He makes me FEEL THINGS. It’s icky and I don’t like it.

IMOGEN: You’ve known him what, a few hours?

ME: I’m telling you, he scares the shit out of me. But he’s so good I can’t stop myself.

IMOGEN: Audra, seriously. Chill. It’s been a couple hours. It’s just insta-lust.

I send Imogen another selfie, this one of my face—I’m biting my lower lip, eyes wide, glancing to the side at Franco laying next to me—his mouthwatering and lust-inducing body is on full display from the waist up. I send a caption a second later:


ME: Uh-oh. He’s waking up. Time for round…3? 4? I’ve lost count. Tell me I’m a cold-hearted man-eating bitch with no soul. Tell ME!

IMOGEN: You’re a cold-hearted man-eating bitch with no soul? Only, you’re not. So…you’re on own with this one. Except if you need me of course. I’ve got All Thai’d Up on speed dial, three bottles of Josh in the rack.

ME: if this goes south—or anywhere except nowhere, you’d better make it four. Or six. Because we’re either going to be incredible together, or we’ll destroy each other. There will be no in between.

I set the phone aside as Franco’s stunning blue eyes open and fix hungrily on me. He reaches for me, and all thoughts are banished except one:

God, I hope I know what I’m doing…

I laugh internally at that, because does anyone know what they’re doing?

I know I sure as hell don’t.


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A downright steamy and hilarious read with some unexpected moments that completely gave me the feels! I absolutely love the books that I’ve read by Jasinda Wilder and when I read Hammered (book 1), I knew that I would always want my hands on this series. Jasinda is queen at writing the steamy scenes, might need a fan or perhaps a bucket of water to cool

There were quite a few moments that I liked more than the other. Audra’s inner dialogue was rather hilarious at times, but I couldn’t help but feel for her a bit and inability to love someone. Audra and Franco are products of broken relationships, so they both think that it’s not in their nature to be committed and love someone. I was kind of wishing for a dual POV because I wanted to see more into Franco’s mind. Because as much as Audra’s wheels were turning, so were his.

I didn’t quite connect with Audra and Franco’s relationship like I hoped, but it was still evident that they were meant for each other. It was just the matter of them getting past their fear and just be together.

I was not expecting to have the feels with this, not at all.  When a little heart to heart happens, it completely tugged at mine. Way to turn the tables a bit on us, Jasinda. 😉

But probably my favorite part of the book was the brotherhood that is Franco, Jesse, James, and Ryder. These four are more than best friends, they’re brothers, they make Dad Bod Contracting. Their bond is absolutely unbreakable and something I loved soooooo much. It warmed my heart to know that these four would drop everything if one of them needed something. I sooooo want to tell you more about them, but you have to read the book to find out. We don’t even have the next books yet, but I just want to hug and hold these guys forever!

Definitely enjoyed this book and love this series so much! Can’t wait for the next one!



About Jasinda Wilder

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the #1 Amazon and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU.  You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children and menagerie of animals.

Jasinda is represented by Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency.