Review | The Dark Light by S.L. Jennings

Review | Dark Light by S.L. Jennings

The Dark Light

Love. Sex. Magic.

Before her 20th birthday, Gabriella was pretty much clueless about all three. In love with her best guy friend since the age of 14 and too crass and intimidating for most of the male population of Colorado Springs, love and good sex were virtually a myth.

And then there’s magic. Freakin’ magic. There’s no way that legend could have a place in her less than exciting life. So why after twenty years of utter obscurity do her adopted parents hit her with the ton of bricks that is her true identity? And how the heck is she supposed to accept all this and become what she was truly created to be?

Lucky for Gabs, sexy as sin Dorian is more than equipped to help her embrace these new revelations. And while everything about him feels oh so good, she soon learns that there’s more behind his crystal blue eyes, chiseled body and exotic beauty. Something dark, menacing and downright unnatural. Yet Gabs is in way too deep to even try to turn away from him now.

Dark Light, Book 1 of the Dark Light Series, is the raw, emotional story of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery in a world that was not meant for her. And her scorching hot, lip-biting addiction for the man she can’t deny, no matter the cost.

*Contains strong adult content.


Dorian, Dorian, Dorian … what a dark, yet beautiful man! Lets not get too ahead of myself. Gabriella, who was adopted when she was a baby lived a pretty normal life, where nothing exciting seemed to happen with her, I’d say she lived a pretty content life. But all of that was flipped before her 20th birthday, when she comes home to find a note from her adopted parents and a journal belonging to her biological mother. Before getting through her rollercoaster of emotions with her adopted parents, she learns about the true identity of her parents, herself and how she tries to all that falls onto her present and future.And then the beautiful Dorian Skotos comes into the picture and boy did I never want him to leave it! It’s hard not to like the mysterious guy when he’s introduced into the story. They’re both equally attracted to each other, there’s no doubt about that! It’s hard not to be suspicious about him, especially with the dynamic between Gabi and Dorian … steamy steamy steamy!

“His unyielding gaze completely unnerves me yet I can’t tear my eyes from him. I know I should; everything about him is screaming sex and danger.”

I love this book, I can’t even count the amount of times that I’ve skimmed through this book to re-read my favorite scenes. In the beginning, we learn of her identity, her and Dorian’s relationship develops and just keeps going from there. And I felt like the middle of the book lasted for a very long time and was always waiting for something more to happen. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every moment of this book and quickly bought the 2nd one! I emphasized on the quickly because once you finish Dark Light, you’ll be dying to know what happens with Gabi and Dorian! TRUST ME!

With that being said, S.L. Jennings, you’re my new favorite paranormal author!