( Review ) Chain of Illusions (Bringer and Bane #3) by Boone Brux


Title : Chain of Illusions

Series : Bringer and Bane
Author : Boone Brux
Genre : Paranormal Romance
Release Date : November 26, 2013


Rell has lived in the Shadow World for thirteen years as a Demon Bane, the formerly vivacious young woman now the demonic enemy of the immortal Bringers. But when she is given the chance to become human again—and a full-powered Bringer—Rell isn’t sure if it’s better to be a demon in the Shadow World or to risk her life for her humanity.

For two years Siban had been tortured in the Bane prison, only to fall in love with the beautiful demon who helped him escape. Tormented by the thought of never seeing her again, he maintains a life of solitude. So, when Rell’s human body is rescued from the Shadow World, he will do anything to be with her—even if it means challenging death to become a Bringer too.

But once their Bringer transformations and training are completed, Siban and Rell must join a mission to go deep in the Shadow World to rescue others trapped by the Demon Bane King. And what they discover destroys everything they knew about the Demon Bane. The lovers must learn to trust themselves, each other, and their new powers if they’re going to make it out alive.

My Review

I would like to start off with, how much of an idiot I am. I rarely ever do this, but apparently, I’ve been messing up lately … SO, before everyone starts throwing food at me, Chain of Illusions is the first book that I have read in this series. I know, I know … all bad and I deeply apologize, if this review is just bad. I know this book can be read as a standalone, but like most series, it’s usually better to start from the very beginning. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of things that I’ve missed in this book because I haven’t read the other books in the series. With that being said, I’ll do my best to review and I will review as a standalone … if that makes any sense to you?
I enjoyed this book quite a bit, it’s extremely well written and it’s a paranormal … and well, I’m a fan of paranormal. This world was very intriguing to me, there were several times, where I’d get lost with my thinking and all the characters in this book. They’re all pretty unique and the whole being out of your human body concept … that was crazy! But I liked that element, especially when you can go back into your body! Most of all, I loved that this book was jammed with action!
Rell – I admire her so much! She’s a very strong-headed woman and didn’t not steer in a different direction because of exterior motives (Siban). She always stuck to her gut, sometimes it can be a fail situation, but it always seemed to work out in her favor. Even though she struggles to see the light in herself, she could always see it in others. While everyone else around her, kept seeing dark and it was hard for them to see anything else. Rell has been in the dark for so long and had to take care of herself, but fails to realize that it’s okay to rely on someone else.
Siban – As much as he wanted to keep Rell planted to his side, she always had other plans, but he was 100% about Rell and her safety. He’s a protector, most of all, he’s Rell’s protector. I loved that he wanted to protect her so much, but it bugged that he struggled seeing that she can very much take care of herself.
It was great to see the relationship progression between Rell and Siban. Yes, they were rather quick to get down to nitty-gritty, but they already have history together, when Siban was captured and imprisoned. I had to keep reminding myself of that because things happen very quickly in the beginning. Post-human, they had a lot to work on together; trust and being a team.
It was a great read, if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll definitely enjoy this one!