The Beautiful Sinner was my first read from Sophie Jordan and I really enjoyed this one! Originally I thought this was a second chance, but Gabriella and Cruz never had the chance back in high school to pursue any type of relationship despite the crushes that they had on one another.

What really drew me into this story was the synopsis and I had so many questions dealing with Cruz’s false accusation of murder. And once we learned the truth it was glossed over quicker than I thought would be. But the truth showed a side of Cruz that not many would see, he would do absolutely anything for his family. ANYTHING.

Gabriella didn’t have an easy time during high school and I absolutely hated everything that she had to endure from her peers. They were the absolute worst and she was still dealing with it in adulthood. They were definitely a few people that needed to be Spartan kicked for the way they constantly talked down to Gabriella. She’s just a genuine human being that deserved none of the BS that people constantly spewed on her.

I was hoping for a bit more on the romance side of things, more like rather begging for more. I absolutely loved Gabriella and Cruz together. And I loved that she started to stand up for herself and didn’t pay much attention to what people constantly said about her. I adored the way Cruz treated Gabriella.

Beautiful Sinner left a great first impression from this author and I can’t wait to dive into the rest of this series!

Major thank you to AVON BOOKS for the advanced reader copy!

[rating stars=”four-stars”]

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