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Following the popular series debut—NUDES was praised as “passionate, emotional and uplifting” by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely—contemporary romance author Sarah Robinson weaves a new standalone story where a second chance at romance is found on a Hollywood film set and secrets always have a way of being…exposed.

Reed Scott is the hottest actor in LA…
Being a Hollywood heartthrob has its perks, and I’ve damn sure enjoyed every one of them, both on and off the silver screen. The tabloids loved every second of exploiting my privacy, chronicling my mistakes in ink for the whole world to see. Accepting the lead role in a romantic dance film was guaranteed to make me a box office hit and help me rewrite my image, until the choreographer hired to train me turned out to be the only woman I’d ever loved and lost.

As beautiful and enticing as ever, Teagan walks in and reminds me of the worst mistake I’ve ever made. She should hate me, and now she has the power to destroy everything I am.

Teagan Reynolds is picking up the pieces…
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…never going to happen. I fell in love with Reed Scott once and it nearly killed me—literally. The last thing I want to do now is teach him how to dance, but I need this job and there’s no way I’m letting him take yet another thing away from me.

Reed is in my world now, and this time we’re dancing by my rules.


I’m a sucker for second chance romances as many of you might know. So I was totally on board to read Bare. Surprisingly, this is the first book that I’ve read in this series. Or maybe not so surprising since I’m a pro at reading books out of order.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Robinson’s books since her MMA fighters series and couldn’t wait to dive into Bare. I did enjoy this one, but it wasn’t my favorite among her books.

I was definitely interested in learning what drove Reed and Teagan apart since they were college sweethearts and engaged to be married. And then you learn that Teagan was left at the altar with really no explanation of why he left. With both having great things ahead of them, their plans didn’t quite work out that way.

Now that we’re in present time, it’s obvious that Reed has achieved all of his dreams and has become one of the top actors in the industry. He almost has everything except for the girl that he left so many years ago. With his life on public display in the worst possible way, he needs to clean up his image. And his newest role has him teaming up with the very one that he left. With all the tension still between Reed and Teagan, she tries her best to keep it professional while he sees it as his chance to make things right.

At this point in time, they’re different people who have gone through different experiences. Things can never be the same between the two and there’s a couple of secrets that are still being kept from each other.

The entire book I was just eager to learn the truth about why Reed left Teagan and once I did, I was a bit disappointed because it all could have been avoided. I want to say that it was just what they needed to grow, but Reed in present time is still a bit of an idiot when it comes to his public image. And that kind of kept me from truly being into their story. It had a lot of up and down moments.

I love that Teagan was more than capable to holding her own, she grew the most out of their mishap. And her experiences during their time apart was rough, and you couldn’t help but be proud of where she was today. Teagan definitely was my favorite!

I’m definitely going to give Nudes a try. Although not my favorite Sarah Robinson book, I’m still forever a fan.




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