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Just when you thought we had run out of Badd…
Meet Roman Badd, one of a set of triplets, each bigger and badder than the last. If you thought the original Badd brothers were sexy, foul-mouthed alphas, just wait till you meet these three sexy-as-sin, long-lost Badd cousins…
Roman is a smokejumper, an elite member of the US Forest Service who parachutes into the most rugged and remote terrain to combat out-of-control wildfires unreachable even by hotshots. He’s brash, domineering, and an expert at seduction.
Kitty Quinn is the exact opposite. The head server at Badd’s Bar and Grille, she’s the daughter of a philosophy professor and a kindergarten teacher: sweet and kind, and with a persona of innocence and purity—catnip for the ravenous lion that is Roman Badd. She knows she’s in way over her head with him, but this good girl has enough inner strength and confidence to stand up to Roman’s hard-charging, take-what-he-wants attitude.
Can she get past his foul mouth and unapologetically rapacious sexual appetite to the good, kind man she wants to believe lurks beneath, or is Roman Badd as wild and untamable as the fires he fights?




Man, this series just never ends, but I love it so much. I’m not quite caught up in this series, but when I heard BADD KITTY was coming out, I was a bit surprised because I didn’t think they had a sister. Gosh, can you even imagine if they did? But nope, sure was wrong about that one, we have triplet cousins to add to the crazy testosterone driven Badd family. This family is an absolute riot and I’m rather excited to have the triplets entering the family fold. They’ll definitely bring a different kind of dynamic, but I’m definitely curious about their family history.

The one thing you need to know about this series is that Jasinda packs in the steamy scenes like no other and they’re nearly never-ending. Everything between Kitty and Roman was instant and absolutely hot. I loved how Kitty tried to NOT like Roman in every way especially because he’s a cocky, arrogant SOB that definitely needs to be knocked down a few pegs. But Roman will find his ways to absolutely surprise you, he can be a little romantic when he tries.

I loved and appreciated the dual POV because it helps us understand Roman a bit more. He’s a tough dude and doesn’t do feelings too much, but Kitty is able to bring that soft side of him out and I loved seeing it. As far as all the Badd books that I’ve read, this one wasn’t exactly my favorite. But I enjoyed the introduction that we not only got about Roman, but his brothers, Remington and Ramsey. I look forward to read about them, these triplets seem like hot heads although not as crazy as Roman is.

If you’re looking for a quick, hot and steamy read, look no further … or just read the entire Badd Brothers series! The triplets can’t beat the original brothers, but they’re a great addition to this intriguing family. I can’t wait to learn more about their family history, there’s soooooo much that is about to come up with that family and I can’t wait to see it all unfold!


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NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the #1 Amazon and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU.  You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children and menagerie of animals.

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