All I can really start off with is that I NEED MORE. I think I had more questions by the end instead of having my previous questions answered. As you know, this is the very reason why I try to wait until a series is done before I start it. The wait is going to kill … actually, it is killing me, I don’t want to wait anymore, I want more Poppy and Cas.

If you remember how From Blood and Ash ended, I’m sure you were like the rest of us, absolutely holding your breath with that proposal! Jennnnnnn, that was torture, but thankfully things pick where that left up. And I honestly, I was giddy and hopeful for a somewhat smooth journey for Poppy and Cas. I have to say that these two frustrate me to no end, but I had to keep reminding myself that there’s still 2 more books left. A lot has to happen for Poppy and Cas, and their relationship as well. They’re both going to be facing different journies as long as the ones they have to go individually.

I truly love getting to know Cas and Poppy throughout this book, their chemistry is off the charts. And there’s sooo much push and pull between them, like I mentioned before, so damn frustrating. Jen definitely creates my favorite heroines to read about, they’re always so strong and a bit of a badass, plus there’s so much room for them to grow.

There’s still a lot more world-building in A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, which kind of puts the pace a bit slower than I’d like, but none of it was confusing at all. It’s interesting to say the least, but I’ve been enjoying Jen’s take with high fantasy.

And of course, another ending that’ll leave you yelling, “whattttt?!”. Seriously, you’ll have so many more questions by the end. Hang time as we wait for The Crown of Gilden Bones!

[rating stars=”four-stars”]

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