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Awwww, John … he’s such a big softie! I’m pretty new to this series with only reading Evan’s book and now John’s, so I’d say my background knowledge of him was very little. I just remember the scene where the cutest little baby showed up on his doorstep essentially gaining the new title of new dad. Since then, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on his story! This was such an endearing read and I enjoyed every single bit of it.

I loved that we got to witness two sides of John. He’s dedicated to his B&B making sure his guests are happy and that keeps him plenty busy. And then we see him taking the role of father so easily especially after the circumstances of how he gained beautiful little Maize. It has definitely been a while since I’ve read a good single father/nanny romance, they tend to be a bit corny, but I was all about John and Mila’s story. The other side of John that I enjoyed seeing was his much softer one, not just as a father, but also when it came to his devotion to Mila and seeing his flashbacks of when he was with Maize’s mom. With his hard exterior and someone who takes his responsibilities seriously, I loved seeing his vulnerable side.

Mila was a perfect fit for John and it was a smooth transition for her to be the nanny for Maize. As always this series would be nothing without Mama Bishop constantly trying to play matchmaker with her boys. Even though her stay in Texas was supposed to be temporary, she fell in deep with John and it got to the point where she had to pick between her heart and her dream. The one part of her story that had a loose end was her friendship with Cade, he was the man that she pined for, for years and even though that story did have an end to it. It just seemed like it came to a dead stop with no mention of him again, which also made me wonder if he was necessary to the story?

The Bishop family is an absolute riot, I love the deep loyalty they have for each other. And one specific Bishop I’m worried and curious to read about is John’s twin, Jackson. He popped up in this book quite a bit, probably more than I expected, which planted the little seed that I’m just overeager to know his story. He’s definitely the reckless and wild brother, but I have a feeling emotions run deep with him and a lot of it he has been keeping stowed away for such a long time. More than anything, I’m expecting some major crying with Jackson and Kiera’s story.

I definitely enjoyed Chasing Him and hanging out with the Bishop family again!

[rating stars=”four-stars”]

John’s POV

As soon as I walk into the living room, I see Mila in tight blue jeans and a low cut shirt that shows way too much cleavage.

“Nope.” Resting my hands on my hips, I look at her, trying not to stare at her chest. It doesn’t help that her nipples are hard as a damn rock either. Fuck. Eyes up.

“Nope, what?” she asks, furrowing her brows in confusion as she grabs Maize out of the swing.

“You can’t wear that shirt. Actually, we should probably set some ground rules since you’ll be staying here around the clock.”

Mila rolls her eyes and kneels down in front of the car seat. She’s dressed Maize in an outfit that says something about Grandma being her favorite, and I know Mama is going to love it. “Is that what you do ‘round here? Make rules for everyone?” She arches an eyebrow with a cocky smirk on her face.

Tilting my head, I narrow my eyes and study her. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Ask Jackson.” She carefully places Maize in the car seat and straps her in. I suck in a deep breath remembering the nanny rules I’d given Jackson, the ones she wasn’t supposed to hear.

“Jackson needs rules. He has zero boundaries. And it’s not like he listens to anyone anyway. Trust me. It’s an open invitation to flirting and ridiculous comments from him. So you can’t be wearing shirts like that around him.”

“…or I can’t be wearing shirts like this around you?” she quips, not paying any attention to how frustrated I’m becoming. “I think I can handle Jackson, so stop worrying yourself.”

“Whatever, Mila.”

She straightens up and looks me dead in the eyes. “You’re my boss and you can make any crazy rules you want when it comes to your baby, but you don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t wear, unless you’re instating a dress code for me and if that’s the case, I want a raise and a clothes allowance then.”

I scoff, crossing my arms over my chest that’s rising and falling rapidly. “How much for you to wear baggy overalls and turtlenecks every day?”

“You’ve got jokes, do you?” she mutters, not amused. “Why not just put a chastity belt on me too while you’re at it?”

I grunt, thinking that’s not a bad idea actually.

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