A second-chance, small town, stand-alone romance in A.L. Jackson’s Confessions of the Heart Series.

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Jace and Faith’s story. Seriously, the BEST story! 5++++ Stars!” (Lys, I Love Story Time)


My loves!! It’s here – the first stand-alone novel in my new CONFESSIONS OF THE HEART series. Oh my gosh, I have to confess, MORE OF YOU absolutely stole my heart.

Writing Jace and Faith’s story was one of my best experiences as an author. Their story poured out of me, their chemistry so intense and palpable that the words burned inside and came to life in a way I’d never imagined!

It’s intense.

It’s sexy.

It’s suspenseful.  

It’s packed with all the feels.

It’s everything and more that I’d hoped it be. 

I fell so hard for MORE OF YOU, and I know you will, too.

Are you ready for my newest romance?


SERIES: A Confessions of the Heart Stand-Alone Novel 

RELEASE DATE: September 10th, 2018

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MOYAmzn2

Paperback: http://smarturl.it/MOYPaperback

Audible: http://smarturl.it/MOYAudio2


It feels like it has been a long time since I’ve read an A.L. Jackson book and boy, what a great time to get back into it with her new series, Confessions of the Heart. Ohhhhh A.L. Jackson, what have you done with my bloody heart?! My advice for anyone that’s going to read this, NEVER doubt the best book boyfriend that is Jace Jacobs. I don’t think I’ve loved a hero more than I did, Jace. The one thing I do remember whenever I pick up Jackson’s books is that we’ll always be put on this absolutely emotional and heart-wrenching ride. So strap in and prepare yourself for this one!

Jace and Faith had the story of the girl falling in love with the boy from the other side of the tracks. But there was soooo much to Jace than meets the eye. He was loyal, protective and would absolutely do ANYTHING for his family. He learned from a very young age that you have to make the most of the situation you’re in and do what you can to survive. Even if it’s the wrong thing to do sometimes. That is not an easy life to live when you’re a kid.

Teenage love that was torn apart by lies, betrayal, and sacrifices. And Faith was left in the wake of it all when Jace left her life. The pain and hurt carried on for several years, but she knew she had to move on. But that seemed nearly impossible when a part of her soul was ripped away. Fast forward 10 years later when a tragedy strikes and these two are brought back together again.  Ahhh, what a beautiful love story that these two have, but my heart kept breaking as we watch these two open up old wounds and try to heal from all the hurt.

My goodness, I had no idea what to expect from Jace and Faith’s story, but this definitely wasn’t it. Their story was something that you’d feel right to the bottom of your soul. Jace stands #1 as my favorite hero because I just admired him for all the love that he poured out towards Faith and even her daughter, Bailey. Life or death, he would always put them first. How can you not love someone like that? But my heart constantly broke for him because he always took the blame onto himself for everything bad that has happened in Faith’s life. He willingly shouldered it all, to take every bit of pain away from her. Because all that he wanted for her was to be happy and live out her dreams, even if it meant excluding himself from the picture.

Faith’s story broke my heart too because her world was completely shattered little by little as more truths were revealed. The life she has known, all turned out to be a lie. To be someone and have some major truth bombs dropped on you. A big chunk of her life was based on lies. So yeah, my heart broke into pieces several times during this book.

A.L. Jackson does a phenomenal job of weaving their story together, her words will absolutely pull at your heart and you’ll feel it to the very bottom of your soul. And don’t even get me started on the number of times where I just wanted to shed some tears over her words.

Be ready to feel the feels and possibly get your heart stomped on, but it’s OK, it’ll all be nicely mended and happy by the end!

[rating stars=”five-stars”]


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