Lick of Fire - Betrothed to the Dragon - Kara Lockharte

Title: Betrothed to the Dragon

Series: Lick of Fire

Author: Kara Lockharte

Release: June 12, 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Betrothed to the Dragon

I like to pretend I’m just another immigrant trying make her way in New York City…but I’m not.
You may know of my family from stories of an older age. Across all nations, all cultures, my family was once worshipped as gods, cursed as demons and shunned as otherworldly creatures.
Reality? I am shen, but the worst kind of shen there is.
One who would rather pretend to be human than to rule them.
One with no magic.
One hunted by the immortal monster that killed my parents.
And now, I just discovered how grandma found us refuge in America, how she thought she could save me.
She betrothed me – to a dragon.
The Lick of Fire is a mini-series collection from twelve best selling authors. Enter this supernatural world of fire and heat, magic and adventure, and get lost in everything DARK, delicious and FIRE.
BETROTHED TO THE DRAGON is the FIRST in Kara Lockharte’s DRAGON LOVERS mini-series. It is the 11th series starter within the Lick of Fire Collection and stands alone from the other books. You do NOT need to have read any other books within the Lick of Fire to enjoy this story.

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I’ve been getting a kick out of reading about the world of dragons! They’ve definitely become a new fave to read about in the shapeshifter world. Betrothed to a Dragon was a great starting point for the Lick of Fire series and after devouring this one, I’m beyond eager for the next couple!

This was a first time read from Kara Lockharte and I’m hooked on her words. I love the characters dialogue, it was relatable and definitely the way I talk among friends when we’re all hanging out.

I was so fascinated by the world building especially since it’s so new to me. This will be the second dragon series that I’ve read and I love noting the differences between the two. There’s definitely some new elements and other out of this world characters that I’m dying to learn about like the shen.

I got the sense that we’ll still have plenty to learn about Hunter and Sophie especially since she’s still adapting to everything she’s learn in such a short amount of time.

Brava, Kara and absolutely can’t wait to read more about these dragons!


Meet the Author

Kara Lockharte is the author of the Space Shifter Chronicles. She loves writing romances featuring smart heroines and sexy alpha shifters in space.
She lives on Planet Earth.
Facebook Page:
Instagram: http://www.instagram/karalockharte
Twitter: @karalockharte
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