Mid-Month Reading | Things To Do During Social Distancing

March 14, 2020 | 2020, book recommendations, mid month wrap / 0 Comments

What a week it turned out to be, I’m still mentally recovering from it all. Or well still trying to work through everything. With many cancellations, plans are changing and I’m quickly adapting to them all. I’m actually a huge homebody and am a bit elated to stay home for a bit. Lately, being my toddler’s chauffeur, I don’t mind staying in with her and finally tackling some projects that I’ve been wanted to get done for weeks.Today, I wanted to put some thoughts to the page and share some things to do if you’re self quarantining for a couple of weeks. Naturally, I took to Instagram to see what everyone else was planning on doing besides you know, reading from our never-ending TBR. This list definitely looks similar to mine, I’ll be entertaining my little one too. Thankfully her school did close for the upcoming week, but I may keep her out for an extra week. So, I’m in the works of trying to keep that routine of school going for her at home.

things i’ll be doing

  • spring cleaning
  • go for daily walks
  • spend more time outside on my patio
  • start crocheting a baby blanket
  • documenting/scrapbooking my family
  • fold those clothes that have been sitting on the floor for years
  • appreciating the quality time i’ll be spending with my daughter
  • extra loving on my puppers

Mid-March check in (highlighted = fave)

  • We Are Us by Tara Leigh – dnf for now.
  • Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor (historical romance | enemies to lovers)
  • Runaway Road by Devney Perry  (small town romance | roadtrip)
  • Without You by Marley Valentine  (m/m | frenemies to lovers | best friend’s brother)

Well that’s about it, happy mid-month reading and stay healthy out there, everyone!