If you’re not already, everyone needs to be following @weekendreader_ because they’re the exact reason that brought this post on. After seeing their post on Instagram and then their blog post, I was determined to start working on mine. I had quite a few guesses on whom would make the top, but I really wanted to have my list at five, so I added a couple more to narrow it down even more. Below is @weekendreader’s point system they used:

I had a 7-way tie with 22 points. Here was my process to narrow my list down to 5:

  • There were a few authors where they would be an auto-buy, but I don’t always buy their books right away. I tend to buy physical books that I loved and really enjoyed, and that list is quite extensive. It’s going to be an ongoing process for many years to come to have all the books that I’ve loved.
  • I’m not going to dive into this explanation further, but I knocked an author off the list because I haven’t loved some of their recent books and one that I may have moved on from.
  • At last, I had my top 5 and it would have been a 5-way tie, but one author doesn’t write cross-genres. I tallied up all the formats (ebook, audiobook, physical, and from KU) and that settled the score.

My Guess Before Tallying Everything Up

  • Juliette Cross
  • Claire Contreras
  • Stacey Marie Brown
  • Amber Lynn Natusch

I only had a guess for the top 4, hands down these are my go-to, before adding which author had the most owned, they were all tied with 22 points. And here are the results.

I knew Whitney G. was going to make my list but wasn’t sure if she was going to end up top 5. I actually don’t own any physical copies (yet), they’re mostly ebooks.

Amber Lynn Natusch, Stacey Marie Brown, and Claire Contreras are authors I have loved for manyyyyyyy years some as early as when I started getting into romance again (2013). Juliette Cross is my most recent top fave, forever in love with her books and she has become a lovely friend as well 🙂

Sadly, this list doesn’t count in the much newer to me authors that I absolutely love. With KU being one of my main sources for obtaining books, I haven’t bought a ton in ebook format, but plan to in physical. But like I mentioned earlier, this will be an extremely long ongoing process. Some authors that are definitely on the list, but didn’t make this top five were Rachel Reid, Kimberly Lemming, Elsie Winters, R. Scarlett… just to name a few.

If I counted ARCs, this list probably would have looked a little bit different.

This was such a fun and interesting post to put together and I think I’ll keep doing this annually. See what changes there will be in this.

If you want to give this a go, head over to @weekendreader’s blog, they made an extremely helpful spreadsheet that explains the point system.

SO, who are your favorite authors (by the numbers)?

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  1. Hope Griffin Diaz says:

    Mine are changing. This year has been a very transitional year for me. Vi Keeland is someone I really like and enjoy reading. Grady Hendrix oddly is someone I find creepingly fascinating. The author who shall not be named … I don’t know what to do there. I have found a bunch of other authors I’ve been enjoying. I just am not really a Bookstragramer.

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