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What happens when you stumble upon your childhood crush, only to discover that he’s been turned into a vampire?

I feel like I spend my whole life putting out fires. That’s probably just part of the territory with being a magpie-shifter from such a chaotic family. All I want is to keep my loved ones safe and have some fun. I’ve never been cut out to be the responsible one.

And Jordan Houjin is still everything I remember … hot, sexy arrogance and smoldering smart mouth. Except now he’s angry at the world and disappears every time I run into him. But that’s fine because I want nothing to do with a vampire my family would never accept anyway. Don’t I?

Unfortunately, he’s the only one I know who can help me keep this dragon egg alive.


Magpies & Mayhem Review

I fell in love with Elsie Winter’s work in Green-Eyed Monster, thanks to a lovely friend that brought me onto this book because of Hyrak 😉 Before diving into this one, I devoured Leviathan’s Song and I was caught up, and ready to go!

I honestly don’t even know where to start, can I just say that I loved this book? We have a magpie shifter and a vampire that wields fire. As they bond over taking care of a baby dragon and a family they’ve become 😉

I fell in love with Sidney in Leviathan’s Song and was so intrigued when we learned about the connection that she had with Jordan. When the past meets the present, Jordan wasn’t quite how she remembered him. As they get closer, Jordan doesn’t want to drag Sidney down into his dark.

I know we’re supposed to stay away from fire, but I just wanted to hug the crap out of Jordan. I loved watching them grow individually and together especially seeing Sidney overcome her shifting reflex at certain moments. But my gosh, prepare yourself to swoon because there are soooo many adorable moments. The stick moments is an absolute top fave.

Magpies & Mayhem was just about everything that I wanted and more. I absolutely can’t wait for some Grim action in the next one!

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  1. That cover is giving me
    Daenerys Targaryen vibes and I’m here for it! Great review!

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