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Honestly, reading romance books has been very far from my mind as of late and I know I’m not the only one. With supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been so much self-reflection and just changing things in my personal way of thinking.


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Being BIPoC, I’m going to personally call myself out because I need to do a better job. ▫️ I can say and share all these things, but I need to do a better job of taking action. I will never understand what it’s like to be in a black person’s shoes. So I’m listening to the stories that are being shared through #blacklivesmatter, I want to feel their pain and their turmoil. Most of all, I want to understand. ▫️ I have a 2.5 year old who is at a really impressionable age, I want to do my best damn job to teach her that you should NEVER judge a person’s character based on the color of their skin. I truly believe it all starts at home and it’s so sad to see the world that she’s growing up in. But I want her to be strong, to be kind and to never be silent. ▫️ All lives cannot matter until Black Lives Matter too.

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Being a BIPoC;

–Β i am a native hawaiian
– i am jewish

I’ve had this conversation with a few of my friends and I’m trying to establish my role. I need to be a strong supporter in not only the Black community, but also with my Hawaiian culture and with my religion.Β  As I’m here today being a better ally for the Black community, I also need to bring it to my homefront as well. It’s not something that I can just do for a few days and be done with it, it doesn’t work like that.

I already know that I need to do better job and I need to make sure that I’m raising my daughter right. She’s at an impressionable age and soaking everything up like a sponge. I want her to be kind and to never be silent. I want her to know about her Hawaiian and Jewish roots; to be proud of who she is. But to also fight for the voices that have been silenced for far too long.

Wherever you’re at in the world and if you’re still trying to figure out what to do, educate yourself and keep on learning. There are resources EVERYWHERE, at this point, you have no excuse on not knowing where to start. With all the bad, there is soooo much good going on there, so much unity. It’s going to be a long road, but we need to take action with the community that’s right in front of you.

Ask the questions, have the uncomfortable conversations, but most of all … LISTEN. Amplify Black Voices, hear their stories.

On the romance front, I have no idea when I’ll be talking about books again. I’ve already relieved myself from the several obligations for this month. I’m in a state of changing things up personally, but I’ve also haven’t been able to read books … even listen to them. So that’s where I’m at.

We recently moved to Florida this past December and we’re just now starting the process to register everything for Florida. For years since we move so much with the military, I’ve been voting absentee with the State of Washington. With Florida being a swing state, I need to be registered to vote in this state. If you haven’t yet, get out there and register.

Not sure how to wrap this post up, but keep learning, work on what you can with what’s right in front of you (or beyond that).

Hold yourself accountable.Β Β