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Holy crap, what did I just read?! OK. I’m going to start off with that this book needs ALL the trigger warnings. Don’t take it lightly at all. I’ll be honest and say that I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this book because of the content. And with this being my first read from Alex Grayson, she did an absolutely fantastic job with weaving this dark, twisty, disturbing tale with a bit of romance. I definitely loved the romance part of this book, but everything else was a little bit much for me to handle.

When I was reading up about this book, I thought it was a paranormal, but boy was I wrong. I wasn’t exactly on board with Trouble’s character and it was everything that was going through his mind that bothered me. It was a bit disturbing and perverted. But I did like how much he cared about Remi, she was definitely the light to his dark.

Sweet and strong, Remi. I will never understand what she had to go through, it’s not an easy story to hear at all. But I admired her pursuit towards something better, but I bet she didn’t imagine seeing herself in a town like Malus, Texas. A place where her story is something many of the townspeople can relate to, unfortunately.

This book did feel akin to the movie, The Boondock Saints, in the sense of what Trouble and his brothers do in their hometown. He and his brothers all have their own dark story, but this town and its past is one of the things that bonds them. This book is standalone, so his brothers will get their story in this series.

I’m sure I have the unpopular opinion when it comes to Trouble in Hell, but it all comes down the fact that I don’t read these types of books often or at all. Yeah, I’ll dive into dark romances, but then again this wasn’t quite a dark romance. The love story was like many that I’ve read before and loved. It was all the other stuff behind Trouble, his brothers and the town that got to me. So, I won’t be one that’s going to shut this book down. I’m a fan of Grayson’s writing, she seriously did an amazing job writing this story.

I’ll definitely be giving her other books a try, but this series is not my cup of tea. Many did love this one, so it could definitely work for you!

[rating stars=”two-half-stars”]

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