Blog Tour & Review | Text Me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter

Blog Tour & Review | Text Me Baby One More Time by Teagan HunterText Me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter
Series | Texting #4
Release Date | February 11th, 2019
Genres | Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Format | ARC
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Coming February 11thA second-chance romcom.

I love you, he said.Forever, he said.Turns out, he lied.

When he leaves me high and dry after a cross-country move, I push him out of my life as much as I can, which is hard to do when the guy who broke your heart also happens to be the most famous dude in town.

After a disastrous year, he’s aiming to rehab his reputation, and I just so happen to be aiming for a promotion at the paper.

So, we strike a deal, and it’s a win-win all around.

Besides, what’s the harm in a few dates to charity galas anyway?

He’s arrogant, a total jerk. There’s no way I’ll fall for him…again.

I used to love him. Now I hate him…I think.

We are so excited about TEXT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME, a new laugh-out-loud funny romantic comedy from Teagan Hunter. Be sure to grab your copy today!



I don’t know why it took me so long to finally read from the Text series, but I decided to jump in with Text Me Baby One More Time. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time read from Teagan and couldn’t get enough of her writing. I was so drawn into her words and just wanted more. Thankfully, I have three books to read from this series, so it’s technically not over for me.

As much as I loved Teagan’s writing and the hilarious banter between Shepherd and Denver, I just couldn’t get behind Shep’s reasons for keeping away from Denver. They just weren’t enough for me to really be ok with what he did. To me, he was the definition of a man child. As much as I loved them together, he definitely doesn’t go down as one of my favorite heroes.

Besides all that, I really enjoyed the story for the most part, I couldn’t stop chuckling over the fun and witty relationship that Shep and Denver had with each other. Second chance romances are my absolute kryptonite, so I’m always eager to get to the end to see their happy ever after. Even with all the humor, Teagan effortlessly weaves in the emotions where it punches you right where it hurts. And I was allllllll there for it!

Their texting relationship was something I adored because I’ll be honest, it was reminiscent to my little love story with my husband and how our relationship first started. Ah memories, gotta love them. It was so cute to see how things started for them, which will definitely have you rooting for them instantly.

I know all the books in this series can be read as a standalone, but I think it’s better if you start from book 1. There were a bunch of characters that I had my guesses who they all were and how they tied in with everything. But I’d probably would have made my reading experience better if I read all the previous books. So it was a bit of an overload for me, but I was intrigued to learn more about all these side characters.

Teagan definitely has some memorable-comical dialogue that I couldn’t stop laughing at and ones that made me eager to read more. So yeah, although Shep wasn’t my favorite, still loved reading this gem of a story.


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