Blog Tour / Review / Giveaway | Cruel Sanctuary by Tara Leigh

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Blog Tour / Review / Giveaway | Cruel Sanctuary by Tara LeighCruel Sanctuary by Tara Leigh
Series | Wages of Sin #1
Release Date | March 24th, 2019
Genres | Contemporary, Suspense
Format | ARC
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They say New York City is the Devil’s Playground.They’re wrong.This city belongs to me.And so does Aislinn Granville. 

She is a pampered politician’s daughter.A decorative ornament, raised to smile and nod and do what she’s told.Except… she doesn’t. Not with me. Ever.

In this city full of thugs and thieves, I’ve kept Aislinn safe.From my enemies.From me.

Until now.

Release Date: March 25th
Cover Design: Regina Wamba, Mae

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Damon King, everybody, you are in for an absolute treat with Cruel Sanctuary. And we can’t forget about the spitfire that suits this, well … anti-hero. I’m thinking that I need to read more books with anti-heroes because Damon King has just become my favorite one yet. This read is an indulgence and I simply couldn’t get enough, it has just enough dark where it doesn’t seem uncomfortable, but rather on fire the entire time. These two are absolutely hot together!

Everything about this man is just insufferable, he’s cocky and arrogant, walks and talks like he owns the place. But he has everyone and everything to back him up. There’s something definitely alarming and alluring about him, it’s absolutely hard to resist the man. He’s both telling you to come closer and run the other way. Confusing right? But once you read about him, you’ll definitely get what I’m saying. I love it when they’re completely hard on the outside and never backing down on anything, they’re rarely so weak. And he surprised me when it came to Aislinn, he could easily succumb to her without giving it away that he was. That always left me on edge because someone is after Aislinn and she’s constantly being watched.

And who is better to match this man than the strong and sassy woman that is Aislinn. I loved everything about her. She’s no damsel in distress, she didn’t buckle when Damon would constantly slam reality into her face. Aislinn is in a position where her life is threatened and even though at first it seems like Damon has other motives, his sole focus is all her.

There’s no doubt about their insane chemistry and attraction towards one another, but they’re definitely trying to fight it. That thin little barrier can only hold up for so long and my goodness people, it is well worth the wait.

I have quickly become of Tara Leigh’s reads, from her rockstar and contemporary romances to now, romantic suspense. All her work just sucks you right in! She wrote Damon and Aislinn so damn perfectly, they’re definitely a couple I’ll never be able to forget. I just hate that this is a duet because I need the second book like yesterday!

major thank you to the tara leigh for the complimentary copy in consideration for a review. this does not affect my opinion of the book or review.

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“Put me down.” I keep my cool, making the demand as stiffly as if I’m asking him to pass the salt.

But my show of composure crumbles as he angles his head to look at me. Barely an inch separates the tips of our noses. I stare, entranced by the fine scar that marks his left eyebrow. I want to kiss it.

“Or what?”


One corner of his mouth tics up, his eyes flicking away from mine. “You look damn good in my arms.”

I follow his stare and am met by our reflection in the bathroom mirror. I blink, taking in the sight of my naked body held against King’s broad chest, the tanned, inked forearms I’d practically drooled over earlier now wrapped around my back and behind my knees.

I am naked. King is dressed.

There is something indecently erotic about our image. I look like the heroine of an old Harlequin novel—a down on her luck maid or secretary about to be ravished by her big, bad boss. A powerless woman soon to be stripped of her virtue.

I know what it’s like when a man overpowers a woman. When he uses force to take what’s not his. To hurt and abuse and terrorize.

And I know that this isn’t that.

It may not look like it, but I have the power in this situation. Damon King came to me. First at my apartment and now in his. He broke down two doors tonight.

I may be naked, but the only reason he’s touching me is because he knows I want him to.

Emboldened, I look away from our reflection and directly into King’s eyes again. Leaning in, I brush the tip of my nose against his. “Kiss me.”

I’ve barely pushed the words out when his lips are on mine. The taste of him is an explosion inside my mouth. Smooth and potent, but with a hint of mint. As if he swilled some of that Balvenie from his bar and then sucked on a peppermint candy.

He kisses like a conqueror. Stealing my breath along with the last of my reservations.

He kisses like a king. Staking his claim, demanding his due.

About Tara Leigh

Tara Leigh is a multi-published author of steamy contemporary romance. A former banker on Wall Street, she graduated from Washington University and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, but she much prefers spending her days with fictional boyfriends than analyzing financial spreadsheets. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children, and fur-baby, Pixie. She is represented by Jessica Alvarez, of Bookends Literary Agency.