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Title: Co-Ed
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: April 24, 2018

About  Co-Ed

Four guys.
Constant moaning.
And a revolving door across the college suite I somehow ended up in because my
first name is Shawn.
They don’t discriminate. Girls. Guys. Grandmas. Plants (okay maybe not plants)
all walks of life stroll in stressed to the brim, and leave so satisfied I’m
wondering what sort of talents lie behind that door.
My roommate calls them the pleasure ponies.
But the rest of the college campus?
They just call them the new face of Wingmen Inc. A paid for relationship
service that makes big promises.
Breakup? They’ll glue you back together again.
Depressed? They have the magic pill.
Lonely? Just spend a few minutes while they rub you down and you’ll forget all
about it.
And broken hearts? Well, that’s their specialty. They’ll fix you.
For a price…
I swore I wouldn’t get involved.
But apparently they like a challenge, and a girl who doesn’t put up with their
BS is basically like waving a red flag in front of a bull.
They. All. Charged.
But one holds my attention above the rest.
Knox Turner looks like a Viking — and getting pillaged is starting to look more
appealing by the day. Though he’s hiding something — all of them are. And the
closer I get. The more I realize that some things are left better in the past.
You’ve read reverse harem books before — but you’ve never read one like this.
It’s not what you think, or is it? Dive in and find out…
Knox, Leo, Finn, and Slater are waiting, and they aren’t patient men.
Welcome to the new face of Wingmen Inc — You’re welcome.




WHERE.DO.I.EVEN.BEGIN?! Rachel is one of my absolute favorite authors out there and she can definitely write ANY kind of romance, believe it or not, it wasn’t her Eagle Elite series that had me completely hooked on her words. It was her Seaside and Dark Ones series that had me; hook, line, and sinker! Her work gets better and better after every new release, I’m in love!

Co-ed did not disappoint me one bit and definitely wasn’t what I expected at all. It exceeded everything that I could ever think of. I was a bit confused on what kind of book this would be and just the thought of a reverse harem had me wondering if I wanted to read this at all. I can’t say that I’ve actually read a reverse harem before, but Co-ed is definitely not that … kind of. It’s a bit hard to explain …

I thought it was absolutely hilarious that Shawn ended up being roomates with probably the four hottest dudes on campus because her school had mistaken her for a guy. That right there is an equation for shenanigans. 3 out of the 4 guys work for Ian and Lex under Wingman Inc. But things are a bit different this time around, the Pleasure Ponies, they’re there to fill the needs of people, but still with the big rule, no sex with the clients. And that just makes things ten times more interesting especially where there’s constant moaning from the room next door. Bring out those fans because you’ll need it!

So what is there to love about Co-ed? Uh, EVERYTHING! From the hero and heroine, the supporting characters, relevant undertones within the story, Shawn’s relationship with not only Knox but with Slater, Finn, and Leo.

With Shawn searching for a new beginning, she transferred to a new school to have all of that. Leaving behind false promises and constantly being told things that just end up breaking her heart. And transferring gave her the new start and so much more.

I was so curious on how her relationship would evolve with Knox, I thought they’d all be vying for attention especially when the other two see it as well and start devising a plan to move things along.

SIDENOTE: I’m having an absolute tough time writing this review because my thoughts are completely jumbled and all over the place. I apologize.

There are several things happening in this story under Shawn and Knox’s story. We have the conflicts with interracial relationships, which Shawn understands completely since she has dealt with in a previous relationship. And I think it’s one of those topics that need to be talked about, I have friends who are interracial relationships and the crap they get about it … if only the world was so simple where two people want to be together and that’s that. Your opinion shouldn’t matter …

Another topic was drugs on campus, it should never be a hush-hush situation, but surprisingly it still is and happening STILL, today. This topic plays a bit of a role in Knox, Slater, Finn and Leo’s story and it was a bit of turn that I didn’t expect at all. Just one of the many twists this story has.

If you made past my jumbled thoughts, congrats!

Shawn and Knox are everything! They’re a very real and a couple you can definitely relate to. I’m not sure if this is considered a spoiler or not, but you’ve been warned. I can’t say that I’ve ever read a book where the hero and heroine didn’t flat out say that they loved each other. Some would find that odd, but it was so fitting for them. It wasn’t necessary for them to say, but it was so clear that they did. And it worked so well, for Shawn and what she went through, people constantly telling her one thing and doing the opposite, she finally needed someone in her life to prove it to her. Not just with her relationship with Knox, but with her friendships with the other guys.

So prepare for the unexpected, be ready to not only fall in love with Knox and Shawn, but Slater, Finn and Leo as well. They’re seriously the best friends that anyone could have, who will always have your back. It’ll make you a bit envious and wishing you had friends like that. This book made my year and I know that I’ll constantly be re-reading this one. I hope we get to see more of these guys becuase I love them to pieces!




I would regret it later – my heart knew it – but I was a
caretaker by nature, so when I grabbed his hand and gave it a tug toward the
bed, I was surprised he followed.
Even more surprised that when he joined me in his bed, he didn’t try to pull me
into his embrace; he didn’t even touch me, just laid there and stared up at the
ceiling like the monsters were going to come back.
“You need to sleep,” I whispered, turning on my side and facing him.
“Or you’ll be even grumpier in the morning.”
He smiled at that. “Am I really that grumpy?”
“Scale of one to ten?” I shrugged. “You flirt with an eight or
nine on a good day.”
“Shit.” He took a deep breath. “For the record, I’m sorry.”
“Being myself.” He didn’t offer any more explanation. Instead, he
turned away from me, tucked a pillow under his head, and slept.
We were strangers.
And still, when I woke up with the bed empty…
I realized.
It was the first time I’d slept through the night since transferring, and it
would happen to occur in my enemy’s bed.
Author Bio

Meet the Author

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When
she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting
her next book while watching The Bachelor.She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son,
and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!
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